Read Up. Skill Up. Be In Demand features AdView’s Jargon Jobs Campaign

22 January 2019
Besma Whayeb
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AdView Job Search’s CEO, Alex Paterson, recently contributed to on the reasons why jargon is killing job ads.

The latest campaign from our job ad data uncovered the most overused clichés other phrases in job ads, and highlighted why employers need to think originally, rather than relying on overused phrases that hold no meaning to jobseekers.

Paterson noted, “Those in a corporate environment may be accustomed to office jargon being regularly used in meetings. However, this language is now prevalent in job ads on every rung of the career ladder.”

“Adding unnecessary jargon to the equation clouds the job hunting process for those applicants less well-versed in corporate jargon and makes it harder for them to judge whether they’re qualified for the job.”

View the top overused words, and full campaign, here: Jargon Jobs