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Guide: Receptionist

A receptionist is often the first point of contact people have with an organisation or company. The main role is to welcome members of the public and assist them. They could be customers, clients or visitors or even over the …

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Types Of Role Play Assessments

A role-play exercise is exactly as it sounds and is used to assess your suitability to the job. They do this by simulating real-life situations, in which hired actors take part in the simulations. There are various types of role-play ...

Men’s style guide: 3 ways to dress for a more productive workday

You’ve probably heard the term ‘dress for success’, but do you know how to do it? Here, Christopher Legard, Managing Director of men’s fashion retailer Joseph Turner gives his top tips to help you dress for a more productive workday. …

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Types Of Interviews

How To Prepare For Interviews Ensuring that the job application process goes well, practising for interviews and the psychometric tests are necessary. Going through the situations in advance will lessen the chance of surprises. There are many interview types used ...
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How To Work For The Metropolitan Police

Thinking of a career in the Met? Like many people, the thought of working for the met is both exhilarating and rewarding. Working for the Metropolitan Police is a lot more hectic than working as a police officer in other …

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Living and Working in Edinburgh

The Scottish city has always been a destination, whether it be for living, travelling, eating, or shopping. It is the UK’s fourth-largest city and historical home of titanic figures in the arts and sciences. Not only is it ‘foodie’ heaven, …

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Guide: Recruiter

Recruitment is an extremely popular career to get into in this day and age. It can be demanding, so it’s best to find out the requirements before applying to any jobs. Recruiters have the responsibility of collaborating with department managers …

Why Workplace Culture Matters For Job Satisfaction | AdView

Why Workplace Culture Matters For Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a result of many workplace perks and quirks. Although pay does help people enjoy their work a little more, the more social aspect of office life is what makes or breaks job satisfaction. It all depends on …

What Is A Situational Judgement Test? | AdView

What Is A Situational Judgement Test?

What Is The Test? The Situational Judgement tests are a popular psychological tool used by assessment companies, employers, and organisations to evaluate applicants’ behavioural and cognitive abilities. It was made to reveal different personality aspects and social skills of the ...
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Guide: Warehouse Worker

Warehouses are where all types of goods and products are stored before distribution. The career, no matter the area, is always hiring warehouse workers due to the sheer amount of trade and demand around the world. Staff make sure that …