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Making The Leap: What To Expect from Full-time Freelancing

07 August 2018
Besma Whayeb
What To Expect from Full-time Freelancing | In Demand by AdView

A freelance career can seem incredibly inviting: working when you want, where you want, and with the clients you want.

But do you really know what to expect?

Our guide to the basics of freelancing will hopefully help you to decide whether the grass is really greener, or if you prefer the structure of a regular nine-to-six.

1. Is There Freelance Work in Your Field?

Before exploring the pros and cons of full-time freelancing, it’s worth finding out if your career lends itself to freelance work. Creatives such as copywriters, designers, and web developers are always in demand for freelance work, and can usually work externally.

What about you? To find out if your career can transition into full-time freelance work, check out our freelance job listings, or select a few roles using our job finder, to see if there are relevant opportunities.

2. You’ll Need More Than One Job…

Freelance work is almost always linked to specific projects, rather than a steady part-time or full-time position.

Successful full-time freelancers often take on more than one job at a time, and rely on multiple sources of income.

In order to prepare for this shift in workload, it’s good to gauge your ideal income, and work backwards from that. For example, a photographer may average £300 per shoot, and need £1200 per month to cover bills, food, travel, and disposable income. To achieve this, he or she will need to book four shoots per month, or one shoot per week.

3. …and You’ll Need To Be Flexible With Jobs

It’s a real asset to have a vision for the freelance career you want before you start. However, when you do make the leap, you may need to take on jobs that don’t quite align with your style or vision.

Experience is essential when freelancing, with many commissions requiring examples of previous work. But while you build your connections and reputation, you should dabble with other work that will support your income.

4. Plus, You’ll Need To Be Quick!

Just as freelance work comes in fits and starts, and the same can be said for new freelance job opportunities too.

To help you keep up to date with the jobs on offer, we’ve created our Job Alerts that will send you a daily, weekly, or monthly round-up of all the new job ads out there.

If you prefer instant notifications, you can also enable Push Notifications in your browser to receive alerts as soon as there’s new freelance opportunities available!

5. Get Ahead: Build Your Personal Brand

To accelerate your freelance career, you’ll need a personal brand that showcases what you do, and what you’re about.

By being visible on social networks, and connecting to your digital portfolio, you can expect to find:

  • More job opportunities
  • New contacts and/or clients
  • Better reputation in your industry

Use our guide to personal branding to get started – and prepare yourself for a leap into freelance life!