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What Is A Numerical Reasoning Test?

25 March 2019
Zara Woodcock
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Mathematics aptitude tests are a way to display your ability to use numbers. The assessment has topics such as financial analysis, data interpretation, percentages, ratios, number sequences and more. Don’t forget that these exams are timed to purposely add pressure.

They are timed this way to better inform the employer whether you are suitable for the job role. Numerical ability tests are relevant to the majority of professions and levels including managerial jobs, sales roles, and graduate jobs. Start your practice now with our free version of the numerical aptitude test today.

What Kind Of Questions Will You Get?

Finding the right practice assessments is hard as every employer uses different numerical tests. Practice tests that come with answers are a massive help, and these questions should be appropriate for the test you are about to take. We have supplied you with a list of the various numeracy questions you will most likely encounter. Understanding what each question means is important. For example, is it designed to get you to make quick estimations or is it to check if you can manipulate numerical data efficiently? The design of the practice test prepares you, not only for the real assessment but for the new potential job as well.

There are many test providers used by employers, so it is important to find out which provider your potential employer might be using to ensure accuracy when practising. Here are the main test providers:

  • IBM’s Kenexa
  • Korn Ferry’s Talent Q
  • Pearson and SHL