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Types Of Role Play Assessments

20 November 2019
Zara Woodcock
Types Of Role Play Assessments | AdView

A role-play exercise is exactly as it sounds and is used to assess your suitability to the job. They do this by simulating real-life situations, in which hired actors take part in the simulations. There are various types of role-play exercises and these change according to the role. You will be asked to become the employee and the exercises involve group settings, presentations, or a specific role. By putting yourself in that position, assessors will be able to see how you react to different situations and how you get through different tasks.

First Line Manager Role Play

The typical role-play scenario will have you playing the position of someone very similar to what you would expect of the actual job. You may be asked to play the part of a store manager for a branch at a high street shop. For example, you may have to meet one of your “worker” who is having problems with their work. It might be with lack of attention to detail or not following company procedures. This is when you are expected to give feedback whilst motivating them to do better. The exercise usually lasts around 30 minutes.

Executive Role Play

These are geared for the highest level of managers. An example would be being asked to take the position of a national sales manager working for a large travel company where you have to meet one of your regional managers who is having difficulting with some of the staff under their direction (they will be your assessor). You will then have to give advice in order to develop it to be of a higher standard. The simulation will have you (senior manager) meeting a subordinate manager to achieve the best they can.

Cabin Crew Role Play

The role-play scenarios are quite varied as they reflect the job on hand. You may be given the scenario where you are working in a restaurant and you spill sauce on a customer. What do you do? Another example includes you working in a hotel where the guests have arrived early but their room isn’t ready yet. You will not be given a lot of information to use in the discussion, you will have to use your instincts.

Police Role Play

A shop-owner has been caught distributing leaflets without a permit to do so and comes complaining to you. Playing as a police officer, how do you deal with him when he gets irate, saying he has been running this shop for years without any trouble. You will need to be sensitive and calm.

Role Play Preparation

The aim of these exercises is to see how you perform in the role you have applied for. As each company has different values, they will judge you differently depending on what they believe in.  Prepare with the role play and group exercise pack to give yourself the best chance of success.