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What Jobs Can I Do with a CSCS Card?

11 February 2019
Besma Whayeb
What Jobs Can I Do with a CSCS Card? | AdView

A CSCS card is one of the best ways to get into the Construction industry in the UK.

CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme, and these are often sought-after by construction sites and building firms.

What type of CSCS cards are available?

There are 17 types of CSCS cards in circulation, however only 13 of these are currently issuable. These are:

  1. Labourer
  2. Apprentice
  3. Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager
  4. Experienced Worker
  5. Trainee
  6. Skilled Worker
  7. Advanced Craft
  1. Supervisory
  2. Manager
  3. Academically Qualified Person
  4. Construction Site Visitor
  5. Professionally Qualified Person
  6. Provisional (valid for 6 months, non-renewable)

The most common card is the Labourer CSCS card. Almost 70% of UK tradesmen choose this type of card.

How do I apply for a CSCS card?

You can apply for a CSCS card by visiting the official site for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme: Applications cost £36.

You will also need to have completed the correct training and qualifications for the card you wish to have. For a Labourer card, this is:

  1. UK Qualification for Health and Safety in a Construction Requirement
  2. Pass the Health, Safety, and Environment Test

12 of the Best Labourer Jobs with a CSCS Card

A green labourer CSCS card can open up a lot of different job opportunities. They are suited to people who want to be flexible with their skills and aptitude, and perhaps pursue a specific career path later down the line.

Here are a few ideas of the best labourer jobs available to you if you have a green CSCS card:

1. Carpenter

Average pay: £16.70/hour

Overview: Carpenters typically work as an employee or contractor for construction companies. As a Carpenter, you will need to follow plans to cut, assemble, and fit wooden structures. These can include: kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, shelving.

Search: Carpenter jobs

2. Electrician

Average pay: £16.60/hour

Overview: Electricians fit, service, and repair electrical equipment. This could be within a residential homes, at a commercial properties, or on machinery or automobiles. As an Electrician, you will work with circuits, wiring, machinery, and will have to do so in a safe and competent manner.

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3. Electricians Mate

Average pay: £14/hour

Overview: Electricians Mates work alongside Electricians to help out with work duties such as lifting, carrying, and overseeing the electrical fitting. Working as an Electricians Mate, you will be expected to work well with another person more senior to yourself, and carefully follow instructions.

Search: Electricians Mate jobs

4. Groundworker

Average pay: £11.34/hour

Overview: Groundworkers maintain a site – usually construction or commercial – by providing support with drainage, gullies, and ducting.

Search: Groundworker jobs

5. Joiner

Average pay: £14.41/hour

Overview: Joiners work in a role similar to a Carpenter, working with wood, metal, and other construction materials. As a Joiner, you will need good physical fitness to lift, climb, and possibly even crawl on certain jobs.

Search: Joiner jobs

6. Labourer

Average pay: £10/hour

Overview: Labourer is a general term used to describe a job role involving a lot of manual labour. This could be clearing a construction site of waste materials, moving equipment, and handling deliveries.

Search: Labourer jobs

7. Mason

Average pay: £18.70/hour

Overview: Masons work on construction projects for homes, commercial properties, and many other types of building. The job involves following plans, working alongside a team, and the use of physical strength.

Search: Mason jobs

8. Painter & Decorator

Average pay: £14/hour

Overview: Painters & Decorators work on everything from redecorating homes to maintaining paint finishes on bridges or industrial equipment. Depending on how you wish to specialise, you will learn to measure surfaces, prepare materials, strip and treat painted surfaces, as well as paint.

Search: Painter & Decorator jobs

9. Plumber

Average pay: £20.54/hour

Overview: Plumbers work with plumbing, pipes, and other water-carrying devices. As a Plumber, you will require a high level of attention to detail, as well as good physical strength. You will work to service or repair heating, water, and sanitation systems in homes and commercial units.

Search: Plumber jobs

10. Roofer

Average pay: £14.20/hour

Overview: Roofers improve and maintain roofs on residential and commercial buildings. Working as a Roofer, you will be expected to install structures and fixtures such as windows and moulding, as well as survey and maintain existing structures.

Search: Roofer jobs

11. Site Cleaner

Average pay: £10.11/hour

Overview: Site Cleaners carry out general cleaning duties on construction sites and similar locations. Duties include sweeping, dusting, hoovering, and ensuring new properties are clean.

Search: Site Cleaner jobs

12. Van Driver

Average pay: £9.24/hour

Overview: Van Drivers make deliveries from one location to another. Van Drivers with a CSCS Card can also make deliveries to and from construction sites, making it a more sought-after job. You will also need to have a valid Driving Licence for this job.

Search: Van Driver jobs

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