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Top 10 High-Paying Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree

21 February 2019
Zara Woodcock
Top 10 High-Paying Jobs that don’t require a Degree | AdView

Over the last few decades, there has been increased societal and school pressures to get a University degree. University degrees are not a necessity and sometimes it just isn’t for everyone. It is still possible to start successful businesses and apply to great jobs that do not require you to spend years perfecting one skill that you may end up not even enjoying.

According to research by Barclays Apprenticeships, almost 50 percent of students or graduates who left University in the last six years regret going to University. Most felt that they were pressured into attending by friends and family.

Although there may be training involved, there are many occupations that benefit from experience over theoretical knowledge, so we created a list how much they pay:

1. Firefighter

Average Salary: Up to £60,000 (depending on rank)

Overview: The job requires firefighters to sometimes be in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. This aspect should be considered before application. To be a firefighter, there are aptitude tests and written exams that need to be passed.

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2. Construction Manager

Average Salary: £57,500

Overview: Coordinating and supervising many types of building projects is part of being a Construction Manager. It may take a lot of training and experience to get the job due to its high managerial role in looking after all types of buildings.

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3. Ethical Hacker

Average Salary: £57,000

Overview: Also called penetration testing, ethical hacking involves checking for security vulnerabilities by testing a network, computer system or applications. This prevents attackers from finding ways to compromise a company’s network.

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4. Police Constable

Average Salary: Up to £50,000 (depending on rank)

Overview: Being a PC requires exams and training, similar to firefighting. Officers work closely with communities to maintain law and order, protect citizens and buildings, as well as simply improving the lives of members of the public.

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5. Air Traffic Controller

Average Salary: Up to £50,000 (depending on rank)

Overview: Training is understandably essential to become an air traffic controller. A licence is needed from the National Air Traffic Services (NATS). Salary will start lower but increase the more experience had.

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6. Train Driver

Average Salary: £47,700

Overview: GCSE’s and a lot of training is required to become a train driver. The minimum age of application for the National Rail is 20 years old. A health check-up is required, testing vision and hearing.

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7. Software Engineer

Average Salary: £39,000

Overview: If technology is what you’re into, Software Engineering may be the right path. A Software Engineer focuses on the engineering towards the design, development and maintenance of software.

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8. Maintenance Manager

Average Salary: £39,000

Overview: Being a Maintenance Manager involves managing teams inside the manufacturing and engineering industries. It can range between overseeing installations of property and handing out tasks.

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9. Sales Manager

Average Salary: £38,000

Overview: A Sales Manager is a step or two up from a salesman, and will need to be able to sell anything: from cars to pens. The role requires the Sales Manager to coach a team of salespeople.

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10. Head Chef

Average Salary: £32,000

Overview: The role of a head chef is to design the menus in the restaurant/pub/hotel they work in as well as cook the food whilst guiding or training other chefs in the kitchen.

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