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Top 10 Engineering Employers in UK

18 December 2018
Besma Whayeb
Top 10 Engineering Employers in the UK | In Demand by AdView

Engineering is a huge job sector in the UK. With a focus on practical application of the sciences, it involves using theoretical knowledge to construct and improve structures, machines, bridges, engines, and anything else you can think of.

There are many different types of engineering jobs, and you many engineers are specialists in a certain area. Popular engineering job sectors include:

Here, we have compiled the top 10 engineering employers in the UK, and highlighted where they are based, as well as the type of engineering they do.

1. Airbus

Sectors: Aerospace and Aviation, Defence and MilitaryEngineering

Locations: Bristol, Salford, and across the UK

Overview: Airbus is the largest commercial aerospace company in the UK. It employs 14,000 people across its 25 sites, crafting everything from helicopters to military satellites to RAF aircraft. The company’s two main sites, in Filton, Bristol and Broughton, Salford, design and manufacture hi-tech wings for all Airbus planes, as well as their fuel systems.

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2. Aston Martin

Sectors: Automotive, Engineering

Location: Warwickshire

Overview: Aston Martin is a world-renowned luxury sports car manufacturer. With 150 dealerships in over 50 countries, they are a global automobile brand, and their headquarters are based in Gaydon, Warkwickshire, England. They employ over 3,000 people. The brand is increasing its portfolio to include speed boats, bicycles, clothing, and more.

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3. BAE Systems

Sectors: Aerospace and Aviation, Defence and MilitaryEngineering

Locations: Farnborough, London

Overview: BAE Systems is a British company specialising in defence, security, and aerospace activity. They are the largest defence contractor in Europe, and employ over 80,000 people. They are also the predominant supplier to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

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4. BMW Group

Sectors: Automotive, Engineering, Retail

Location: Across the UK

Overview: The BMW Group is a German automotive company that serves a global market. They are behind brands such as BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce, and BMW i, their electric vehicle branch. With over 150 retail centres across the UK, they provide both engineering and retail jobs.

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5. BT

Sectors: Engineering, Telecommunications

Locations: London and across the UK

Overview: BT, or BT Group, is a British telecommunications company. They are headquartered in London and employ over 100,000 people. BT provides telephone line, broadband, mobile and TV streaming services to customers up and down the country.

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6. Dyson

Sectors: Electronics, Engineering, FMCG

Location: Wiltshire

Overview: Dyson is a British household appliances manufacturer, renowned for its revolutionary designs. They employ over 12,000 people, with headquarters in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Their product line started with vacuum cleaners, and has since expanded into hand dryers, fans, heaters, and hair dryers.

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7. Jaguar Land Rover

Sectors: Automotive, Engineering

Location: Coventry and across the UK

Overview: Jaguar Land Rover is an automobile manufacturer based in Whitley, Coventry. They employ over 40,000 people to produce their cars and SUVs, and are transitioning to wholly electronic or hybrid motors by 2020.

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8. Mercedes-Benz

Sector: Automotive, Engineering

Location: Across the UK

Overview: Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile brand operating globally and within the UK. They manufacture cars, trucks, buses, engines, and luxury vehicles. Within Mercedes-Benz is Mercedes AMG, also known as AMG, which is the engineering arm of the business. They employ around 1400 people to work with their vehicles.

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9. Network Rail

Sectors: Engineering, Transport

Locations: London and across the UK

Overview: Network Rail is a civil engineering company owned by the UK government. This public sector business employs a workforce of 37,000 people, managing rail infrastructure and related assets. Jobs can be found across the UK, with headquarter positions in their London office.

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10. Siemens

Sector: Electronics, Engineering, IT

Location: Across the UK

Overview: Siemens is a German industrial manufacturing company that operates globally and within the UK. They are the industry leader inside Europe, employing over 370,000 people. Siemens specialises in power generation technology, as well as medical technology, railway vehicles, water treatments systems, and more.

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