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Test Preparation For Upcoming Job Interviews

13 March 2019
Zara Woodcock
Test Preparation For Upcoming Job Interviews | AdView

When you apply for graduate jobs and job placements today, you are likely to encounter aptitude tests from potential employers as part of their recruitment procedure. It can be daunting, but you do not have to face them unprepared! You can increase your chances of getting a job through simple practise.

Today 60-70% of employers across all professions use employment aptitude tests to filter their candidates as part of their application process. They want to assess your suitability for the job you are applying for as well as your compatibility with their company. They are not testing your knowledge but rather your character traits, soft skills and capabilities. For example, they may want to test your motivation, your analytical skills, your decisiveness, your empathy, and whether you work well under pressure. Knowing in advance the type of questions that you will be asked will help you approach the test with confidence.

Adview Job Search is working in partnership with JobTestPrep to offer employer-specific preparation packs. Practising these mock tests modelled on real assessment tests before you go for the interview will be extremely advantageous. Millions of applicants in the graduate job market are using these online practise tests to prepare themselves and reduce anxiety by eliminating any unknowns.

Each test preparation pack includes multiple tests with the same types of questions. On completion of each test, you will get helpful feedback about what you did incorrectly, so you can learn new techniques and improve your performance with further practise.

We recommend that you don’t leave it too late to start practising. A potential employer may give you very little notice. We suggest that you start familiarising yourself with these online tests before you start the application process so that you are more prepared to cope with a last-minute test requirement during term time. Many of the other candidates who will be applying for the same vacancies will be using these practise tests, together with applicants from all over the country, so it makes sense to level the playing field.

For instance, students applying for training contracts at many of the UK’s leading law firms will be expected to take the Watson Glazer Critical Thinking Test. Many Cambridge law students sign up to practise for this test over the summer at the end of their second year. So, if you want to beat them, join them!

Not Sure What You Need? Start With Free Generic Tests

The site offers comprehensive generic tests to help you dispel uncertainty, even if you’re not sure of the actual test you will be facing. Start with the following free aptitude tests to practise answering typical question types.