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Six Ways To Prepare For Psychometrics Tests

19 March 2019
Zara Woodcock
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Have you almost finished your job search and have been invited to take some job selection tests? Be prepared to review the best practices for psychometric preparation, provided by our partner JobTestPrep.

Now that you know why preparation is the key to succeeding, we can explore ways to prepare. To begin with, remember the following characteristics of psychometric tests:

  • No Time: Most psychometric tests are not designed to be fully completed
  • No Cheating: Organisations always use tools to verify your scores, so there’s no point pretending to have good numerical skills when it will be discovered sooner or later
  • No Rush: Take your time. Getting a good mark on a few questions is a lot better than getting a low mark on many questions.

What Tests Will You Face?

If you are one the lucky ones who have employers providing you with information on the testing process, then prepare for the tests they tell you to prepare for. However, most employers still don’t give enough details. In this case, do all you can to acquire information on the exact types of tests and exercises you will face. Here are a few ways to acquire this information:

  1. Contact the HR team/recruitment agency to ask for more information
  2. Use internet job forums to connect with the community and ask questions.

Where Are The Tests Coming From?

There are hundreds of testing companies on the internet, and each one has its own way of making your life as a candidate more challenging. Changes may be in the length of the test, difficulty level, style, or appearance. Be sure to practice questions that are by a similar test provider that your potential company will offer.

We provide customised practice experience, following the same features of many assessment companies, employers and positions (graduate, senior).

Should You Plan Your Preparation Journey?

Try to create a to-do list and a schedule. With this schedule, start practising the basics of the psychometric tests. This could be done with video tutorials or taking short practice sessions. However, if your test is in the next day or two, focus on the specific areas you may be weaker in and try to stimulate as many full-length mock tests as possible until you get the idea.

Pay Attention To The Explanations

Paying attention to the descriptions and explanations are vital to understanding the questions. The explanations will include some tricks and tips that could save you when you are under pressure during the real thing.

Consult With People

Sharing your difficulties with the online community or even friends and family is always a relief. You may find out that you are not the only one to have that problem and could gain some insightful advice.

What Else Should You Do?

It might be obvious, but you will be surprised at the number of people who forget to do basic things before an assessment. Getting a good night’s rest helps you stay alert and become more confident. Also, if you are a morning person, get your “studying” done first thing in the morning and the same vice versa. Even if you only get to practise 20 minutes a day, it is better than nothing. Lastly, be sure to prepare in your best working environment, whether that means steering clear of your bed or listening to music. Find what works best for you.

Ready To Try a Free Psychometric Test?

With your better understanding of Psychometric tests,  are you ready to succeed? Our partner JobTestPrep offers the most comprehensive preparation packages available on the web. Before you commit to the varied packages, have a try with our free aptitude test below:

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