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Job Hunting For International Students | AdView

Job Hunting For International Students

Finding a job in the United Kingdom is a strenuous task, international and national students alike. If you stay determined and consistent in your job hunt process, you might be able to land your perfect job. Before beginning the application ...
What PrepPacks Should I Choose For My Psychometric Test? | AdView

What PrepPacks Should I Choose For My Psychometric Test?

When choosing which pack to purchase, take into account that every sector and every organisation will choose psychometric tests from their own providers and each one will differ from their other. Some include SHL, Kenexa, Cubiks, Saville, Talent Q, and ...
Top 10 Education and Training Jobs | AdView

Top 10 UK Cities for Education and Training Jobs

The United Kingdom has some of the most highly educated cities in Europe and some parts of the world. With many top-tier Universities and hard-to-get-in schools and colleges, it's a wonder where to begin your career in education or training. ...
5 Tips For Dealing With Allergies At Work | AdView

5 Tips To Managing Allergies At Work

Sneezing and wheezing at work? Too tired to be doing any work? If you regularly suffer from allergies, this probably sounds all too familiar. Your allergies may be keeping you up at night or even affecting your colleagues. You don't ...
Personality Test Tips | AdView

Personality Test Tips

Personality tests are created on the assumption that the test-taker has never seen the test and that they are not familiar with the basic principles. Practising psychometric tests beforehand will remove the element of surprise and increase your chances of ...
How To Become A Freelance Graphic Designer | AdView

How To Be A Freelance Designer

There are undeniably more and more people trying their chances in the freelancing industry. We have written an article before on what it's like to be a freelancer but never published anything on the exact ins and outs of becoming ...
How To: Student Loan Repayments | AdView

How To: Student Loan Repayments

Once you leave university, you could be leaving with a lot more than £30,000 of debt, which can feel like an impossible amount to pay back. On the bright side, you will need to earn more than £25,000 to even ...
Everything You Need To Know About The Royal Air Force Aptitude Test |AdView

Everything You Need To Know About The Royal Air Force Aptitude Test

The Royal Air Force have aptitude tests that are a bit different from the usual ones. They are created to test a range of cognitive abilities and each test measures specific elements of the cognitive process that have been identified ...
Master's Degrees: Is It Necessary? | AdView

What Jobs Can You Get With a 2:2 Degree?

Getting a 2:2 degree might feel like the end of the world, but it's not. You might have aimed for a higher grade, but obstacles sometimes stop you from a 1st degree. It may feel like all jobs look for ...
How To Find A Graduate Job In Belfast | AdView

How To Find A Graduate Job In Belfast

Got your sights set on Belfast for post-graduation life? You’re not alone.  Graduate jobs are readily available for graduates in Belfast. According to our campaign ‘Graduate Cities: Graded’, the city is the fifth best place to get a graduate job ...