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What Is A Situational Judgement Test? | AdView

What Is A Situational Judgement Test?

What Is The Test? The Situational Judgement tests are a popular psychological tool used by assessment companies, employers, and organisations to evaluate applicants’ behavioural and cognitive abilities. It was made to reveal different personality aspects and social skills of the ...
Guide: Warehouse Workers | AdView

Guide: Warehouse Worker

Warehouses are where all types of goods and products are stored before distribution. The career, no matter the area, is always hiring warehouse workers due to the sheer amount of trade and demand around the world. Staff make sure that …

5 Things To Do With Your Commute To Make It More Fun | AdView

5 Things To Do With Your Commute To Make It More Fun

Commuting can be the worst part of peoples days, whether it be because of how long it takes, the traffic, the number of people or because the trusty English trains are delayed yet again. The journey to work can cause ...
What Your Job Posting Says About You | AdView

A Job Ad Says A Lot About The Company

When scrolling through job postings, the questions, “Is this posting real?” and “What does that even mean?” must have crossed your mind after looking at the vague language that many postings use. Many times, some postings sound too good to …

Guide: Nursing Jobs In Birmingham | AdView

Guide: Nursing Jobs In Birmingham

Whether you are an experienced nurse or fresh out of university, you must have landed on this page for nursing jobs in Birmingham for a reason. Our guide aims to help you discover everything you need to know from the ...
Living and working in Manchester | AdView

Living And Working In Manchester

Known as the northern powerhouse of England, Manchester is popular for its extremely diverse culture, world-class football, horrible weather, and incredible nightlife. The city is attractive to both people living in nearby towns and to national/international tourists. It’s perfect for …

Off-payroll rules go private in 2020 | AdView

Off-Payroll Rules To Go Private In 2020

Companies have only nine months to prepare for the changes to off-payroll working rules, which are now being extended to the private and third sectors, with HMRC publishing draft legislation yesterday. From April 2020 private sector firms will have to …

10 Minutes With Lee Biggins | AdView

10 Minutes With CV-Library Founder Lee Biggins

Working as part of his father’s carpet fitting business as an apprentice after university helped Lee Biggins push himself to kickstart his young dream of running his own company. Whilst the job-searching proved frustrating and difficult with 2000’s technology, Lee ...
Red Flags To Look Out For When Signing A New Employment Contract | AdView

Red Flags To Look Out For When Signing A New Employment Contract

When getting hired, there is a high probability that your employer or contractor asked you to sign an employment agreement or contract. However, before adding your signature or initials to anything, it is vital to read and understand the terms ...
10 Minutes With Louise Triance | AdView

10 Minutes With Louise Triance

As the founder and owner of one of the UK’s most popular recruitment websites, Louise Triance has worked hard to get to the position she’s at today. UKRecruiter is an extensive network that was established before the concept of recruitment ...