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Why You Need More Than One CV

29 November 2018
Besma Whayeb
Why You Need More Than One CV | In Demand by AdView

You’ve got the right education, the right work experience, and the right skill set… So why aren’t you landing that next job? It was traditional for career counsellors to explain how to put together a CV and write a cover letter, but did they ever explain the benefits of having more than one CV?

If you’re looking to improve your chances of getting to interview, you need to up your game and create more than one CV. Here’s why…

1. Fit In Straight Away

While you may be the same person no matter what you do, it’s likely that your job title – and your job role – will change depending on your employer. It’s why we recommend searching for more than one job title when looking for your next job – they may all require the same skills, and pay similarly too, but different employers use different terminology.

For example:

Desired Job:  Copywriter

Keyword Searches:






Each of these searches will result in very similar job opportunities, but there is a difference – the employer’s language and expectations.

You will gain an edge over the competition by using in-house lingo, which employers may subconsciously acknowledge and prioritise your application.

We recommend creating a different CV for each job title you apply for.

2. Highlight Your Best Features

Multiple resumes allows you to target different categories of jobs by emphasising different skills, experiences and qualifications. It’s important to work out what each employer is looking for – and know that they don’t all want the same thing, despite having similar jobs on offer.

Try to align the key characteristics mentioned in your CV with those mentioned on the job advert. It’s great to have other similar features highlighted too – and especially experiences that prove your qualities.

3. Demonstrate Your Company Knowledge

For any job you apply for, it’s crucial you research the company. Firstly, you will find out whether you want to work for the company, find out if you agree with its practices, and learn how you can be a part of its future plans. Secondly, you’ll up your game when applying for the job.

In any organisation, there are certain aspects that are shared by everyone. That may be an admiration for the founder (for example, Apple employees and their reverence for Steve Jobs), or an excitement for a new product launch.

By demonstrating that same passion in your CV, you’ll give yourself more of an opportunity to be hired. It will show you’re aware of the business, and that you will fit really well with existing team members – which is usually a big factor for hiring managers, but is often overlooked by jobseekers.

We recommend creating a different CV for each organisation your apply to.

4. Prioritise Similar Types of Work

With the job industry changing rapidly, it’s worth creating different CVs for each type of work you’re looking for. This is especially true for part-time positions or freelance work – especially if you’re breaking away from full-time work. If that’s the case, definitely have a read of our guide to freelancing!

If you have a varied CV, make sure you highlight similar types of work to the one you’re applying for. Showing that you know the drill will add to an employers’ confidence when hiring you.

5. Streamline Your Job Search

Alongside having multiple CVs, it’s important you can manage them quickly and easily.

One of our most popular tools is the Save CV function. You can upload your CV (or multiple CVs) and keep them saved for future applications by following this simple guide:

  1. Register or log in to your AdView Account
  2. Go to the My CVs section via your Dashboard
  3. Click on Upload Your CV

You will be able to tell multiple CVs apart from their Label, Last Update, and Actions taken using them. Good luck with your applications!