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Living and Working in Edinburgh

07 October 2019
Zara Woodcock
Living and Working in Edinburgh | AdView

The Scottish city has always been a destination, whether it be for living, travelling, eating, or shopping. It is the UK’s fourth-largest city and historical home of titanic figures in the arts and sciences. Not only is it ‘foodie’ heaven, but the gothic architecture sitting on tiring inclines makes Edinburgh one of a kind.

Working in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has always been one of the top places to live and work in the United Kingdom. It is a magnet for start-up companies and established businesses to open new offices. The city is the UK’s second-largest financial centres behind the City of London and provides jobs for financial advisors, bankers, analysts to name a few. The headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland and the UK Green Investment Bank are located in the city centre. Unlike a lot of UK cities, Edinburgh has a lot of people working in creative industries. There are plenty of jobs for designers, artists, singers, and animators.

Furthermore, scientists can find a suitable role at Toshiba and many other research companies. Insurance companies also have their headquarters based in the city thanks to the presence of Standard Life Investments, AEGON Asset Management UK and the Scottish Widows Investment Partnership. Over 4 million tourists flock their way to the bustling city to take in the culture and learn more about the intense whiskey industry that Scotland provides opportunities in. 

Europe’s leading oil and gas company, Cairn Energy, is located in Edinburgh. This paves the way for engineers, auditors and consultants. The prestige that is the University of Edinburgh provides many opportunities not only for lecturers and researchers but students that want to get into graduate schemes and top-shelf internships. Consistently ranked in the top 20 globally for its quality of teaching and research, it’s no surprise that the university is a top destination for job seekers. 

What is it like living in Edinburgh?

The Scottish city has a long history that is seen through its ancient architecture and rich culture. It has countless pubs and clubs to keep everyone entertained whilst waiting for the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival (the world’s largest arts festival) to start.

Whiskey lovers can visit Whiski, an award-winning whisky bar situated on the Royal Mile that has more than 300 malt whiskies to choose from. Done with bars? There are hundreds of music venues to choose from, including Voodoo Rooms and Sneaky Pete’s.

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