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How To Get Hired Quickly Using UK Job Trends

11 July 2018
Besma Whayeb
UK Job Trends: How To Get Hired Quickly | In Demand by AdView

Did you know, certain industries hire people at certain times of the year? It’s one of those industry secrets that recruiters like to keep to themselves, but by using our guide to UK job trends, you’ll hopefully find your next job at the right time, and without the need of a middleman either!

January & February: New Year, New Job

After a normal lull in work over the Christmas holidays, workplaces will get a lot busier in January and February. It’s this peak in work that will often lead employers to start searching for new employees around this time too.

This big push for new employees means you’re suddenly in demand – and with demand comes opportunity. You’ll be more likely to be hired in positions with more responsibility and higher pay around this time, so use it to take the next step in your career.

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March & April: Outdoor Job Openings

In the springtime, employers that require outdoor work start hiring. Construction job opportunities double in April, May & June compared to December.

Careers in tourism and hospitality also see a big jump, as event calendars start filling up.

May & June: Summer Slow-down

At the start of the summer, job openings tend to start levelling out. This second quarter does see a bigger push for jobs in IT, financial services, and professional and business services though.

In these professional settings, there will also be a focus on finding cover work and freelancers to prepare for summer holidays. This may be the perfect time to get your foot in the door with a certain employer, or try a career transition.

Construction jobs will also continue to be popular, but will return to normal by June.

July & August: Holiday Lull

Within the holiday season of July and August, job openings start to slow down. However, this lull can provide better results with applications for career transitions and people looking to return to work.

Employers, HR teams, and recruiters will have more time to consider candidates, and may also be open to meeting with you, or holding in-person interviews which can give you a competitive edge.

September & October: The Autumn Rush

With the summer holidays over, many industries see a rise in demand and workload in the months of September and October.

To stay front-of-mind during this season, it’s worth keeping tabs on your favourite employers, and searching for your dream job regularly.

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November & December: Christmas Crunch

As the winter holidays loom, job openings start to fall too. Many workplaces who hire in this season also look for candidates that can start in the New Year, so be prepared to start your job at a later date than normal.

Conversely, roles in retail and supermarkets spike to meet the huge shopping demand that Christmas brings. Pickers, packers, and warehouse jobs will also be more popular, with online stores serving millions of customers over these two months.