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Guide: Warehouse Worker

07 August 2019
Zara Woodcock
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Warehouses are where all types of goods and products are stored before distribution. The career, no matter the area, is always hiring warehouse workers due to the sheer amount of trade and demand around the world. Staff make sure that stock is stored safely in the right place and in the correct conditions, then ensures the required products are ready to distribution.

If you’re looking to work in a warehouse, then look no further. We have put together a guide to ensure you discover everything you need to know before applying for jobs.

What does the job entail?

Warehouse workers have a lot of responsibilities, but safety and accuracy is the most important part of the role. Jobs include:

  • Checking goods and products into the warehouse
  • Placing them in the correct location
  • Signing delivery notes
  • Packing goods ready for despatch
  • Using forklifts and other moving gear
  • Stock takes – keeping computerised checks and making sure the number of goods matches records
  • Reporting problems to warehouse managers

Warehouses nowadays use computerised stock control systems, making life a little easier. Some goods are also likely to be kept in closely monitored environments e.g. food products may need to have the temperature controlled.

What about hours and pay?

Both warehouse workers and warehouse managers work between 37 and 40 hours a week, depending on the company, products, and location. However, shifts are not the traditional 9 – 5, as some shifts include night shifts and weekends. This is because warehouses are usually open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are opportunities for overtime during busy periods like Christmas and Boxing Day.

Most modern warehouses are airy, and depending on the product, maybe more humid or colder. Conditions vary depending on the job you choose, so be prepared to dress accordingly. The work involves a lot of manual labour so protective clothing is needed.

Salaries usually start at £14,000 a year and increase with experience and time. Warehouse managers, who work in offices as well as the warehouse, earn a starter salary of £22,000.

What are the requirements?

There are no specific requirements when it comes to warehouse work. However, basic maths, English, and IT skills are required by most employers. Candidates would need to physically fit, accurate, and quick and efficient. As computer work is involved, be sure to be good with technology and know how to deal with tremendous amounts of paperwork.

If you’re applying for warehouse work for goods are colour coded, colour vision tests may be given during job interviews. In general, a forklift licence – for those aged 16 or over – is extremely helpful in securing the right job. Independent training providers offer training courses lasting three to five days

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