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CV Template For Fashion Jobs

15 March 2019
Zara Woodcock
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Thinking of applying for a job in fashion? If so, it may be worth using our free CV template specially designed for careers in this creative sector.

The fashion industry is a broad area covering all things to do with fashion, design, and creativity. Working in fashion includes designing and creating clothes, modelling, and much more. 

The fashion industry is split into four levels:

  1. The production of raw materials (fibres and textiles)
  2. The design and production of fashion goods by designers, manufacturers
  3. Retail sales
  4. Advertising and promotions

While there are plenty of CV templates available online, we think it’s important to use one that will fit your industry. With all of our CV templates, we have included an introductory paragraph that will help you to write your own, and examples of key skills and work experience that may help you when changing it to fit you.

What should be included in a Fashion CV

In your personal statement, you should outline your background, highlight your key skills, and back it up with relevant information.

In our example, we used the example of a Fashion Designer:

Creative and visionary Fashion Designer who just completed a Master’s Degree in Fashion. Highly versatile with over 4 years of experience in the industry, creating exceptional clothing to be walked Graduate Fashion Week. Became assistant stylist to many minor celebrities.


What Skills Are Needed In A Fashion Job?

The central focus of Fashion is to be creative, provide brand new designs, and make a good impact in the fashion world.

In this CV template, we mentioned the programmes and other things needed to be a fashion designer

  • Proficient in Fashion Software such as Kaledo by Lectra, Cameo V5, PhiMatrix Professional.
  • Learned how to skilfully use my natural eye for colour, shape and styling
  • Overseas productions and changes to fashion designs in a professional and useful manner
  • Working with a production team and Fashion editor of several famous publications such as Stylist, Teen Vogue, and Hello!
  • Creating and designing unique fashion designs and contents that are both fashionable and practical


How to make this CV template your own

As with all CV templates, it’s important that you tailor it to you and your career. That includes:

  • Adding your personal information
  • Including any achievements and expertise you may have (especially those required in the job advert)
  • Changing the wording to suit your own style as well as specific job role.

This CV template will help you to get one step closer to your perfect job. For more advice on writing an excellent CV, have a read of our guide to writing a good CV, and how to write an eye-catching cover letter.

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