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The World’s Hardest Working Cats

08 August 2018
Besma Whayeb
Cats with Jobs | In Demand by AdView

Happy International Cat Day! While our feline friends may often only play the role of family pet, there are a few stand-out kitties who break the mould – and have their own job!

Discover the hardest working cats of past and present in our guide to cats with jobs…

1. Larry, Chief Mouser

Larry may well be the most senior cat in our list of hardworking cats. Tasked with de-mousing No. 10 Downing Street, the home of Prime Minister Theresa May, he works hard to keep vermin at bay. Other duties include greeting guests, monitoring security, and selecting antique furniture to nap on.

In his spare time, Larry takes to Twitter to discuss his own political views and build his personal brand.

2. Millie, Security Guard

Millie is the world’s first feline security guard. Working at Bandai’s toy warehouse, she roams up and down the aisles of toys to make sure everything is in order. She’s also the purrrfect candidate for a good PR stunt.

Why not follow in Millie’s paw-steps and consider a job in security?

3. Felix, Senior Pest Controller

Felix – a she, despite the masculine name – is Huddersfield Train Station’s resident Senior Pest Controller. With her own hi-vis jacket, she can be spotted patrolling the platforms, scaring away mice and pigeons alike. She also provides a welcome morale boost for First TransPennine Express staff, and keeps her 100,000+ followers up to date on Facebook.

4. Orangey, A-List Actor

Orangey is probably best known as in his role as “Cat” in the Audrey Hepburn classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The marmalade tabby is one of the most famous animal actors, and his prolific career in film and television in the 50’s and 60’s earned him not one, but two Patsy Awards.

Just as cats can have acting jobs, humans can have animal handling jobs, and Orangey owes (at least some) of his success to his handler Frank Inn.

5. Stubbs, Town Mayor

Stubbs was the long-running Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska between July 1997 to July 2017. His 20-year career saw him greeting visitors to the small township, with up to 40 tourists visiting purely to meet Stubbs himself. He notably raised money from around the world to pay for his medical bills, with surplus being donated to local animal charities.

6. Lemon, Police Officer

We’ve all heard of police dogs, but what about Lemon the Police Cat? Japan’s first police feline joined the beat in 2012, and wears his own custom-made uniform while on the job. Lemon, while not the greatest crime-fighter, certainly is a welcome sight to victims of crime, and travels with officers to help comfort people in need. Why not join Lemon in a police job of your own?

7. Simon, Military Seacat

Billed as the “most decorated cat in military history“, Simon served on the Royal Navy sailboat HMS Amethyst and received an Animal Victoria Cross for his efforts.

During his time in the Navy, Simon braved an attack on his ship, where he sustained injuries from a cannon shell that killed the Lieutenant Commander. To the surprise of everyone, he made a miraculous recovery and continued to single-handedly kill off rat infestations, becoming the ship’s mascot and morale booster.

8. Kuzya, Assistant Librarian

Kuzya’s career started at Novorossiysk Library in Russia, where he was first adopted as a pet. However his talents at entertaining children and greeting visitors quickly had him promoted to Assistant Librarian. His presence brings in more visitors to the library, and he also stars as Pushkin the Cat Scientist in plays put on for patrons. Talk about giving Orangey a run for his money!

9. Grumpy Cat, Internet Celebrity

Grumpy Cat, or Tardar Sauce as she’s otherwise known, became a star after her photo was shared online. Many insisted her face had been photoshopped, so she began a career as a YouTuber, sharing videos to prove her grumpy looks are all-natural. The Internet sensation now has her own merchandise store and her face has become a popular meme!

10. Hamlet, Hotel Officer

Hamlet is the resident Hotel Officer at Algonquin Hotel in New York. Having perhaps the most swanky job on the list, his duties include attending birthday parties and fashion show benefits. He is paid in daily brushes, and is named after famed resident John Barrymore’s greatest stage role.

11. Félicette, Astronaut

Félicette made history for both space exploration and for feline-kind – she was the first cat launched into space! The French tuxedo cat was one of 14 strays that trained for the mission, and on 18 October 1963 she took a sub-orbital flight for 13 minutes, surviving her mission and safely recovering from the trip. Who knew cats could be astronauts?

12. Fred, Undercover Spy

He might not have a license to kill, but Fred was one of the NYPD’s top undercover spies during a sting in 2006. Posing as a would-be patient, Fred perilously laid his life on the line to catch a crooked vet who had no licence or training. The vet was later charged with unauthorised veterinary practice, criminal mischief, injuring animals and petty larceny, while Fred was unharmed, and protected his peers from dodgy malpractice. He was later honoured with the Mayor’s Alliance Award, which is exclusively awarded to remarkable animals.

13. Nils Olav, Colonel-in-Chief of the King’s Guard

As an added bonus, we’ve included Brigadier Sir Nils Olav, a hardworking penguin in Norway’s King’s Guard. While he might not be a cat, he demonstrates both diversity and determination are well valued qualities in the workplace! As the third penguin in the position, he enjoyed a promotion to Brigadier in August 2016, which was celebrated in a ceremony with over 50 members of the King’s Guard in attendance!