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Numerical Reasoning Test | AdView

What Is A Numerical Reasoning Test?

Mathematics aptitude tests are a way to display your ability to use numbers. The assessment has topics such as financial analysis, data interpretation, percentages, ratios, number sequences and more. Don’t forget that these exams are timed to purposely add pressure. ...
Free Psychometric Test | AdView

Free Psychometric Test

When searching for a job, bear in mind the possibility of having to take psychometric tests. Are you searching for the best way to prepare? Well, you have come to the right place. Our sample psychometric tests will give you ...
What Are The Types of Psychometric Tests? | AdView

Six Ways To Prepare For Psychometrics Tests

Have you almost finished your job search and have been invited to take some job selection tests? Be prepared to review the best practices for psychometric preparation, provided by our partner JobTestPrep. Now that you know why preparation is the ...
Practise Psychometric Test | AdView

Practise Psychometric Tests

There are many tailored psychometric practise packs developed by assessment experts you can use. Get immediate access to all the crucial elements of psychometric testing: Aptitude tests, personality tests, situational judgement tests, assessment centre exercises and interviews. Start practising now ...
Understanding Your Scores | AdView

Understanding Your Scores

Have you ever sat a test and wondered what the results even meant? Well, we’re here to tell you exactly what everything means. How Is The Score Calculated The raw score of a psychometric test is the total of all ...
What Are The Types of Psychometric Tests? | AdView

What Are The Types of Psychometric Tests?

Once you have finished your job search, many employers may ask you to sit psychometric tests. A psychometric test is any activity and assessment that is conducted in order to evaluate candidate performance and includes, but is not limited to, ...
The Beginner's Guide To Psychometric Tests | AdView

The Beginner’s Guide To Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are a lot simpler than it seems. Before we begin, let us explain what they are. It doesn’t matter if you just graduated University or if you are simply looking for a career change, psychometric tests are used ...
Test Preparation For Upcoming Job Interviews | AdView

Test Preparation For Upcoming Job Interviews

When you apply for graduate jobs and job placements today, you are likely to encounter aptitude tests from potential employers as part of their recruitment procedure. It can be daunting, but you do not have to face them unprepared! You ...