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What are the Best and Worst Jobs in the UK?

24 December 2018
Besma Whayeb
What are the Best and Worst Jobs in the UK? | In Demand by AdView

As we near the end of the year, it’s time to look back over the best and worst jobs we’ve come across!

As a job search site listing over 1 million UK job ads, we see a lot of new and interesting positions opening up. Among those are some highly-desirable jobs… and of course, some not-so-desirable.

Here, we’ve listed our favourites for the year. What would be your dream job?

The Best Jobs in the UK

1. CEO

As the highest paying job of the year, life as a CEO can be pretty sweet. With an average salary just shy of £100,000, heading up a business certainly has its perks.

Key skills in a management position include leadership, blue-sky-thinking, and a proactive nature when steering your business into the future. This is all rooted in understanding analytical data, including country-wide economics and business performance – meaning you’ll need to be savvy when it comes to your industry, hiring trends, and of course, Brexit.

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2. Outdoor Instructor

As the most adventurous job on the list, being an Outdoor Instructor can be rewarding in other ways than financial compensation. If you enjoy working with people, being athletic, and of course, nature, this is the perfect job for you.

Outdoor instructor jobs are scattered across the UK, and will vary depending on the local environment and nature of the job. Be sure to have your kayaking certificate, driver’s licence, and walking boots at the ready!

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3. Games Tester

It’s every school kid’s dream job, and for good reason. Being a Games Tester involves trying out the latest games, being technically proficient at playing video games, and sitting back in front of a TV for a lot of it!

However, the job can involve a lot of technical work, reporting problems, and being incredibly accurate. A strong educational background in computing, along with coding, makes for a good start. Who knows, you may also step into a Professional Gamer position in the future…

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4. Luxury Travel Consultant

Everybody loves to travel – so why not travel in style, and be paid to do it? Luxury travel is a booming industry across the world, except it’s usually reserved for the elite. As a Consultant working in the sector, you may enjoy trips on private jets, nights on multi-million pound yachts, and be sent to “research” new and private five star spots.

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5. Physical Therapist

If you’re interested in improving your own physique, and helping others, a job in Physical Therapy may be perfect for you. It completes our list of the best jobs in the UK as it involves both self-improvement and working with people, two of the most sought-after qualities in any job. Plus, with more and more millennials taking up sports, gym, and other healthy living activities, it’s one of our top future proof jobs too!

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What are Best and Worst Jobs in the UK? | In Demand by AdView

The Worst Jobs in the UK

1. Bar Staff

As the lowest paying job of 2018, working at a bar may be the worst job around right now. Not only will you have a low salary (just over £15,000 per year), you’ll also have to work in busy conditions, sometimes with unhappy or abusive clientele. Obviously, it all depends on the establishment – some bar jobs are a lot better than we’re describing – but there definitely are better opportunities out there.


2. Sewage Engineer

Anything to do with sewage will automatically make that job one of the worst in Britain. However, a Sewage Engineer will not only deal with sewage and waste water on a daily basis, they will also be tasked with fixing blockages and emergency situations. It’s no wonder the salary – from £35,000 per year – and perks are so good!


3. Brexit Analyst

As possibly the most hated term in the country right now, working as a Brexit Analyst can be both tiresome, unpredictable, and controversial.

With the goal posts of Brexit still not yet fixed, analysing the situation for businesses, insurers, or financial planners can be incredibly difficult. It may also be over soon – but then again, who knows!