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Top 11 High Paying Remote Freelance Jobs in UK

05 February 2019
Besma Whayeb
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The freelancing industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. With predictions that up to 50% of all jobs will be freelance by next year, now may be the time to start taking advantage of the gig economy in the UK.

Find out how you can turn your full-time job into a flexible career with this list of top paying freelance positions. Whatever your skill, there’s someone out there that you can support – it’s just a matter of defining your job title, and setting up relevant job alerts.

Plus, if you’re new to freelancing, it will definitely be worth your while to read up on what to expect when full-time freelancing. Our guide covers the realities of freelance work, and what you need to do to make it a success.

1. Freelance Programmer

Job titles: Programmer, App Developer, Software Developer

Average day rate: £300/day

Overview: Programming jobs, especially software and mobile app development, are the highest paying jobs for freelancers. This is because it’s a niche skill, requiring up-to-date knowledge and formal education, and the best coders are often snapped up by big businesses with big programming needs. As a Freelance Programmer, you can choose your clients, manager your time, and work in your preferred way.

2. Freelance Web Developer

Job titles: Web Developer, PHP Developer, Front End Developer, Back End Developer

Average day rate: £295/day

Overview: Web development is one of the best paid freelance industries, and is in high demand – in 2015, UpWork reported PHP Development as the most sought-after skill. To be a Freelance Web Developer, you’ll need to have a strong background of web development work, as well as knowledge of relevant development languages. One of the most important skills when working as a Freelance Web Developer is to communicate your work in a way that a non-expert can understand – your clients will have ideas and briefs, but it will be up to you to follow these and report back in an understandable and polite manner.

3. Freelance Social Media Manager

Job titles: Social Media Manager, Social Media CoordinatorSocial Media Strategist

Related jobs: Community Manager, Influencer Manager

Average day rate: £285/day

Overview: Social media marketing is an incredibly important part of a brand’s marketing strategy – it is often the first point of contact that consumers have with brands, and should disseminate new campaigns and creative in a timely manner. All businesses need social media, so there are plenty of freelance Social Media Manager opportunities available. Your duties will be to post frequently, engage with the digital community, and produce analytical reports.

4. Freelance Video Editor

Job titles: Video EditorMotion Graphics

Average day rate: £265/day

Overview: With video becoming a valuable corporate tool, the demand for video editors has skyrocketed in the last few years. Businesses are seen to be working hard to be represented on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram through the medium, so if you’re good at working with raw video clips and making them slick, professional showcases, this is the job for you.

5. Freelance Graphic Designer

Job titles: Graphic Designer, Creative Designer

Related jobs: Digital DesignerArtworker, Illustrator

Average day rate: £220/day

Overview: Graphic design is one of the most popular freelance gigs out there. It covers almost all visuals for businesses – from branding to logos, website icons to blog post illustrations, there’s endless opportunities. If you’re aiming to be a Freelance Graphic Designer, you’ll need a digital portfolio in order to attract clients, and showcase your style. Many designers like to work in a certain sector – for example, technology – or have a clearly identifiable style that will attract clients.

6. Freelance Copywriter

Job titles: CopywriterBlog Writer, Contributor, Editor

Average day rate: £215/day

Overview: With all businesses in need of a website, and all websites in need of content , the number of Freelance Copywriter jobs has boomed. Copywriters are classed separately to Content Marketers, as they specialise in writing content for websites, including informational pages and product descriptions. If you’re starting in this field, it’s worth showcasing your past experience in a digital portfolio, and working at a lesser day rate to get the work in.

7. Freelance Content Marketer

Job titles: Content MarketerContent Creator, Content Writer

Average day rate: £210/day

Overview:With many digital businesses focusing on inbound marketing, and as part of that, content marketing, Freelance Content Marketers are often one of the first members recruited in start-ups, and are heavily sought-after by big businesses and their chosen agencies.

Through your writing, you will provide potential customers with relevant information that builds their trust in the brand. This can be through news pieces, informational blog posts, or on-brand newsletters. It’s key that you can think creatively, write well, and in vast quantities too. The aim of the game is to build out your clients’ websites and web presence alike, and that demand never stops. You’ll also be expected to keep up with SEO trends and understand how your content will be translated across social media and elsewhere.

Other High Paid Remote Freelance Jobs:

  1. Freelance Business Development Manager – £205/day
  2. Freelance Project Manager – £160/day
  3. Virtual Assistant – £135/day
  4. Freelance Data Entry – £105/day