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What are the Best Jobs for the Future?

06 December 2018
Besma Whayeb
What are the Best Jobs for the Future? | In Demand by AdView

Planning your future career? Or simply interested to see what the future may bring? Whatever your interest in the future of jobs, we hope our predictions will provide some clarity as to how the UK job market is changing, and what to expect in the next 2, 7, 12, and 22 years!

As one of the UK’s biggest job search sites, we list over 1.2 million UK jobs, meaning we could combine our predictions with the job data we’ve got flowing through our site. It’ll be interesting to look back at this post in the next few years, and see if we were right!

Top 20 UK Jobs In Demand in 2020

While 2020 is just two years away, the UK job market is predicted to change quite drastically. Up to 50% of jobs will be freelance, meaning many of us will work with multiple businesses and manage our own work schedule. If this appeals to you, check out our guide to freelancing to prepare.

Whatever type of job you’re after, it may be worth aiming for one of these top 20 jobs for the coming years:

Top 10 UK Jobs In Demand in 2025

As 2025 is seven years away, this next list contains the perfect jobs to aim for if you’re starting your A-Levels today. Whether you plan to go to university, follow an apprenticeship, or enter the workforce straight away, it’s worth considering one of these jobs for the future – they’re predicted to grow by thousands of new positions for 2025:


1. Accountant

Average pay (before tax): £40,000

Job description: Accountancy is the practice of keeping, maintaining and auditing of financial records. An Accountant is employed to audit accounts of individuals or businesses, as well as create financial reports for managers, business stakeholders, and regulators.

Reason for growth: With so many more independent businesses and freelancers starting up in the next few years, the need for Accountants and Auditors will soar. Find out more with our guide to Accountancy or search the latest Accountancy jobs.


2. Cyber Security Expert

Average pay (before tax): £30,000

Job description: A typical IT role involves the management and processing of information. For a Cyber Security Expert, you will be expected to keep your business’ data secure, preventing hackers and constantly-evolving viruses from gaining entry to valuable data.

Reason for growth: With so many more businesses conducting themselves online, and tighter regulations around data protection, cyber security is a hot topic that is advancing at an incredibly fast pace. Find out more with our guide to IT or search the latest Cyber Security jobs.


3. Electrician

Average pay (before tax): £32,000

Job description: A fully-qualified Electrician will have completed their training and be licensed to install electrical wiring and equipment, as well as test and inspect both residential and commercial electrical systems.

Reason for growth: With an continuous demand for housing, Electricians and similar job roles will be in high demand to house new families, new businesses, and maintain existing systems. Find out more with our guide to Construction & Property jobs or search the latest Electrician jobs.


4. Human Resources Manager

Average pay (before tax): £49,000

Job description: Human Resources (HR) looks after all the activities around recruiting, retaining, and motivating staff within an organisation. A HR Manager would be expected to lead teams running these activities, as well as monitoring their performance and feeding back to Senior Directors.

Reason for growth: With the gig-economy growing, HR Managers will be called upon to find the right workers for the right projects on a more frequent basis. Find out more with our guide to HR jobs or search the latest HR Manager jobs.


5. Data Scientist

Average pay (before tax): £42,000

Job description: Data Scientists are responsible for building and maintaining internal data mining and processing tools, as well as building internal toolsets for working with data. You may also be expected to identify, normalise and process data for others to use.

Reason for growth: Similar to Cyber Security Experts, Data Scientist jobs will increase due to the continued uptake of business online, and the relatively new ability to interpret masses of data taken from technology. Find out more with our guide to IT jobs or search the latest Data Scientist jobs.


6. Delivery Driver

Average pay (before tax): £22,000

Job description: Driving and transport jobs are vital in collecting and delivering items from one place to another. This could be food delivery, couriered items, large shipments, or even taxiing people around.

Reason for growth: With the online shopping market growing year-on-year, we expect even more growth by 2025. This includes new services that will deliver items to a customers’ door on the same day! Find out more with our guide to Driving & Transport jobs or search the latest Delivery Driver jobs.


7. Nurses or Care Professional

Average pay (before tax): £18,000 – £32,000

Job description: As a Nurse or Carer, your main aim will be to provide support to people suffering from physical or mental impairments.

Reason for growth: With an ageing population, the UK will need even more nurses and carers by 2025. While we don’t know if the NHS will remain public, or be fully-privatised by then, you can certainly count on high demand for jobs that support the elderly. Find out more with our guide to Healthcare and Medical jobs or search the latest Carer jobs or Nurse jobs.


8. Market Research Analyst

Average pay (before tax): £28,000

Job description: As a Market Research Analyst, you will be expected to examine market conditions, interpret relevant data, and communicate with the Marketing team to guide their upcoming campaigns.

Reason for growth: As we come into the age of data, the business need to interpret and implement it will be paramount. Demand will also be increased due to the amount of data sorting needed – and the avoidance of fake news. Find out more with our guide to Marketing, Advertising & PR jobs or search the latest Market Research jobs.


9. Sales Manager

Average pay (before tax): £46,000

Job description: Sales Managers are responsible for selling a business’ products and services to potential customers, generating new business, and maintaining good relationships with existing clients to win repeat business in the future.

Reason for growth: With many new businesses comes the need for new Sales Managers – and we predict this will be particularly true in the Manufacturing and Wholesale sector. Find out more with our guide to Sales jobs or search the latest Sales Manager jobs.


10. Software Developer

Average pay (before tax): £42,000

Job description: As a Software Developer, you’ll be expected to be fluent in the relevant languages, able to write and document good quality code, and also be able to put your work into laymen’s terms to communicate with your colleagues.

Reason for growth: With reports indicating a 26% rise in Software Developer jobs by 2026, now’s the time to specialise in Software Engineering degree! Find out more with our guide to IT jobs or search the latest Software Developer jobs.


Top 5 UK Jobs In Demand in 2030

If you’re looking for a futuristic career that will be booming by 2030, you may well want to place your bets on one of the following:


Organ Grower

While it may sound a bit sci-fi (and macabre), the science of growing organs from STEM cells is certainly a possibility, and by 2030 it may well be a whole new job sector.

As an extension of Healthcare and Medical jobs, now may be the time to specialise in Medicine or Biology and turn your hand at growing a lung, kidney, or even a human heart in a few years’ time!


Productivity Consultant

With so many people working for themselves, by 2030 the idea of a Productivity Consultant might not be so far-fetched. Today’s Administrators may become tomorrow’s Productivity Managers, helping freelancers and business owners to manage their calendars, social media, and many other tasks better than they can themselves!


Space Pilot

With Elon Musk due to open the world’s first colony on Mars by 2030, commercial flight in space may become common place!

If a career in Aerospace and Aviation is of interest now, perhaps in 17 years’ time you’ll be ferrying passengers between planets! It could well be possible.


Renewable Energy Consultants

A new era of energy has already started. With subsidies on renewable energy in the UK, it’s likely that the sector will boom in the next 10-15 years, improving on the amount and efficiency of energy produced.

If wind turbines, solar panels, and hydroelectricity are your thing, now may be the time to start planning for a future career in Energy.


Physical Therapists

With so many millennials looking after their health today, we predict a rise in demand for sports and physical therapists across the board. Physical health will become a real focus, so if you like hitting the gym now, maybe it’s time to become a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, or Yoga Teacher?


Top UK Careers in 2040

2040 is 22 years away, making it hard to predict what jobs will be popular by then. For comparison, 22 years ago, we didn’t have smartphones, social media, or online shopping. A lot has changed, and it’s certainly affected the jobs of today.

What we can say is that these industries will stand the test of time – there will always be a need for:

And of course, there will probably be some great jobs that don’t exist yet!