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The Beginner’s Guide To Psychometric Tests

18 March 2019
Zara Woodcock
The Beginner's Guide To Psychometric Tests | AdView

Psychometric tests are a lot simpler than it seems. Before we begin, let us explain what they are. It doesn’t matter if you just graduated University or if you are simply looking for a career change, psychometric tests are used everywhere. AdView, in partnership with JobTestPrep, is providing you with the internet’s top psychometric tests. Have a read of our guide to find out more.

What Is A Psychometric Test?

To put it simply, psychometric tests are often used by hiring managers as part of the recruitment process. It is an efficient way for employers to assess your personality, skills and intelligence. The results from the tests are used to determine whether you are the perfect match for the role you are applying for. It is structured to evaluate your ability to work with others, ability to handle stress and ability to process new information. Don’t worry, tests nowadays are usually taken online, so you don’t have to worry about going through 300 pages at your desk. Psychometric tests include:

  • Aptitude Tests (numerical, logical, verbal  and inductive reasoning tests)
  • Skills tests (evaluates how quickly you can learn a new skill)
  • Personality tests (evaluates your behaviour and how suitable you are for the job)

Every role will have different assessments. For example, a web developing job will have a different psychometric assessment to a banking job.


Why Should I Prepare For Psychometric Tests?

It is possible to successfully complete the psychometric tests without practice, but it will require luck. Preparation allows you to outshine others during the recruitment process as well as making sure no surprises hit you along the way. It is necessary to understand the material that will appear on these test in order to improve your scores during your actual interviewing process. Mastering the test with the limited time given proves your ability to overcome pressure and will stop you from being nervous when the time comes. Going the extra mile will pay off considerably. Why else should you prepare for psychometric tests? Well:

  • Preparation is often the first stage of increasing your chances of getting the job. The greater the commitment, the bigger the possibilities of beating obstacles and getting awarded with your dream role.
  • Pre-exposure to the tests will stop you from being stressed when the real thing happens. With your knowledge and understanding of the tests, there are no chances of surprises or anxiety.
  • Practising under time pressure and improving your problem-solving skills will help you perform better, not only on the test but in your workplace.
  • Mastering psychometric tests will push you from just an interviewee to becoming the perfect employee. Situational judgement tests, personality questionnaires and other tools are now more popular than ever. Your work etiquette and management will be evaluated in these tests so start mastering them now!
  • Employers admit that preparation is the key to success. Leading testing companies provide full-length tests with answers but do not provide you with the understanding that is needed to get the right answer.
  • Lastly, why not beat the competition. You will be compared to the other candidates applying, so why not give yourself the advantages they might not have.

With your better understanding of Psychometric tests,  are you ready to succeed? Our partner JobTestPrep offers the most comprehensive preparation packages available on the web. Before you commit to the varied packages, have a try with our free aptitude test below:

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