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CV Template for Banking and Financial Services Jobs

18 December 2018
Besma Whayeb
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Thinking of applying for a job in banking or financial services? If so, it may be worth using our free CV template specially designed for careers in the sector.

Banking and financial services is a broad area covering all things to do with money. Financial services often focuses on managing companies’ accounts, and ensuring they make the best return on their money. 

Banking is split between two separate activities:

  1. Commercial banking: covering all consumer-focused financial products, from bank accounts, savings, mortgages and credit cards
  2. Investment banking: covering all business-focused financial products, enabling companies and organisations to find investors, manage their assets, and make a further return on their capital.

While there are plenty of CV templates available online, we think it’s important to use one that will fit your industry. With all of our CV templates, we have included an introductory paragraph that will help you to write your own, and examples of key skills and work experience that may help you when changing it to fit you.

What should be included on a Banking & Financial Services CV?

In your personal statement, you should outline your background, highlight your key skills, and back it up with relevant information.

In our example, we used the example of a Senior Credit Controller:

A commercially aware Senior Credit Controller with extensive experience in creating monthly collection strategies to reduce delinquent debt, negotiating payment plans with customers and tracking progress made each month. Possesses excellent interpersonal skills strengthened from engaging with debtors resulting in multi-million pound invoices being cleared. Known for strong organisational abilities utilised when delivering action plans to meet fundamental departmental objectives and engaging with customers. An excellent employee with a 100% attendance record and advanced proficiency in German.

What skills are needed in a Banking or Finance job?

The central focus of Banking and Finance is to act responsibly, provide accurate reports, and make a good return on any investments that you manage.

In this CV template, we highlighted the big highlights and awards that our fictional Senior Credit Controller had achieved, rather than their soft skills:

  • Achieved a saving of £600,000 in revenue by identifying that time was invoiced to the wrong entity and linked to the incorrect project and contacting the admin department to rectify and re-invoice under the correct entity
  • Cleared an invoice  worth £4 million from Vodafone and Ikea by building relationships with key contacts in the company, sending the relevant information and following up to ensure the invoice was processed
  • Cleared an outstanding £9 million invoice from RBS by sending the invoice via recorded delivery and email to the relevant people and providing them with the PO number
  • Awarded a Take a Bow award for Collaboration due to assisting colleagues in resolving Invoices, Payments, Credits/Aged Debt allocations and settlements across the Middle East region
  • Awarded a Spotlight award for Honour as a result of going the extra mile when addressing follow ups on Debt with key customers including DB and FNB

How to make this CV template your own

As with all CV templates, it’s important that you tailor it to you and your career. That includes:

  • Adding your personal information
  • Including any achievements and expertise you may have (especially those required in the job advert)
  • Changing the wording to suit your own style

This CV template will help you to get one step closer to your perfect job. For more advice on writing an excellent CV, have a read of our guide to writing a good CV, and how to write an eye-catching cover letter.

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