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7 Blue Jobs for Blue Monday

21 January 2019
Besma Whayeb
7 Blue Jobs for Blue Monday | AdView

Forget the post-Christmas slump with these great blue-themed job openings that will have you smiling!

See if you can guess the connection before reading their descriptions…


1. Animal Charity Employee

If you’d like to work in the Charity sector, and with animals no less, the Blue Cross is a great place to get started!

Caring for around 40,000 pets every year, the aim of every staff member at Blue Cross is to ensure every pet enjoys a healthy life in a happy home.


2. Cabin Crew

If Travel & Tourism is more your thing, take to the blue skies as a member of cabin crew.

Training to become an air steward may be rigorous, but perks of the job include travelling all over the world, staying in exotic locations, and a discount on your flights!

Check out our guide to the top UK destinations for aviation jobs for more information.


3. Cruise Sales Consultant

We’ve had blue skies, so what about the big blue? Cruise liners travel around the world, ferrying hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers to far-flung places every year.

As a Cruise Sales Consultant, you’ll be selling these dream holidays on a competitive salary, often with an uncapped bonus scheme to accompany your sales targets!


4. Industrial Operative

If you prefer machines to people, working as an Industrial Operative may prove to be a better fit. As a “blue-collar worker” you’ll be expected to do some heavy lifting, keeping equipment clean and processes running smoothly.

Interested? Check out our top picks for skilled trade jobs for other exciting opportunities.


5. Musician

Now, this is one job that rarely gets listed on AdView, but it’s definitely a fun one!

As a Musician, you’ll be playing one instrument (or more), and probably within a certain music genre. For Blue Monday, that definitely has to be the blues!

More often than not, you’ll probably have to split your time with a steady job though… so why not look for a Music Teacher job instead?


6. Phone Retail Adviser

Our penultimate job may seem a little obscure to start with, but with phone manufacturers removing headphone jacks, Bluetooth has become a real buzzword for Phone Retail Advisers!

Working in a retail store for the likes of EE, O2, and Vodafone, you’ll be charged with providing advice and making sales to walk-in customers. Salaries can be competitive, with large bonuses for the top sellers in a store.


7. Police Officer

Making up one third of our Emergency Services, working as a Police Officer will bring you close to the action on the UK’s streets.

As a member of the thin blue line, you could find yourself reprimanding criminals and comforting victims, however there’s much more to police work than that’s shown on TV dramas.

With an average salary of £41,522 (or £31,615 after tax), it’s well worth investigating a career with the force…