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5 Things To Do With Your Commute To Make It More Fun

31 July 2019
Zara Woodcock
5 Things To Do With Your Commute To Make It More Fun | AdView

Commuting can be the worst part of peoples days, whether it be because of how long it takes, the traffic, the number of people or because the trusty English trains are delayed yet again. The journey to work can cause stress before your day has even started, resulting in problems at work. However, there are many ways to make these commutes a little more bearable and we are here to show you some of them.

Before we begin, be sure to have a read of our guide on how far you should be commuting to work on a daily basis.

1. Prepare and plan for your day

If you would like to arrive to work fully prepared for the day’s goals, spend your commute mentally (or literally) writing out your to-do list. This could be something as simple as ‘check e-mails’ or something more complicated like ‘close deal with ____’. When you are 100 per cent certain of your goals, it will help you start your day a lot more confident and prepared.

If you have a presentation, practice it in your head and put the finishing touches on it. If you have an important meeting,  make sure you know exactly what you are going to cover. Having a to-do list will ensure you don’t overdo yourself at work or do too little. Plan your time wisely, add what time your break will be at into your schedule and actually stick to it.

Focus doesn’t have to solely be about work. If you have dinner plans after, double-check the reservations are for the right time. Plan what you will be wearing to an after-work function and how you will get home after.

2. Listen to your favourite podcasts and audiobooks

Podcasts and audiobooks are the perfect way to disconnect with the chaos of commuting. Listen to that true-crime podcast on that mysterious disappearance of someone from the 1970s whilst you are squished between other commuters, or listen to a soothing voice telling you the story from your favourite drama novel.

These activities support your ongoing learning and development, and you can do all of it with your eyes closed. Have a go at our top 5 podcasts to listen to on the bus:

  • The Intelligence –  a new current-affairs podcast, published every weekday by Economist Radio, 
that provides a fresh perspective on the events shaping your world.
  • Murderville – Investigative reporters Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith uncover what happens when law enforcement locks up their first suspect, leaving another man free to kill
  • Adulting – Hosts and comedians Michelle Buteau (Always Be My Maybe) and Jordan Carlos of the new podcast Adulting will make you feel like that thing you should know how to do as an adult but don’t is … absolutely normal.
  • Safe For Work – Need a little extra help at work? Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano began hosting Safe for Work in 2018 to provide actionable ways to listeners looking to navigate their work environments from avoiding burnout to negotiating a raise.
  • No Such Thing As A Fish – Weekly weird facts from the team behind QI. Researchers from the TV show QI gather around a microphone and share discoveries from that week.

3. Use useful apps

Your commute to work is the perfect opportunity to play games or learn something new. Mindless games may be good for passing the time but it may be better to switch those addicting games to crosswords puzzles or other brain games. This way, you get to pass the time and you get to wake your brain up before you get to work. Or, if you want to learn something specific, online courses could be a great way to do it. Many websites and apps will provide the option to download course material (from videos and tutorials, to text and audiobooks) straight to your phone or laptop, making learning on-the-go fast and easy.

4. Check in on your friends and family

Some people may have very limited time for this type of communication throughout the rest of the day, so use your commute time to call your parents, chat with your significant other, or text your friends. Check in on your social networks to see what everybody is up to. Nowadays, most of us use social media to catch up on the latest news. Twitter and Facebook are great ways to do this, where hashtags help you see what’s happening around you.

5. Sleep or rest

You don’t have to do puzzles and listen to audiobooks on the way to work. If you are feeling run down or tired, the best thing you can do during the commute is rest and recharge.

Not only will this make you feel more relaxed during your journey, but it’ll also hopefully mean you arrive at work with more energy to start the day.

Resting could mean anything from reading a book or watching the latest Netflix show, to listening to music or having a nap.