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Guide: Lorry Driving

Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers, more commonly known as lorry drivers,  are responsible for transporting goods to and from supermarkets, restaurants, department stores and many more organisations. Without HGV drivers, supermarkets and stores could not operate. HGV drivers are expected …

Master's Degrees: Is It Necessary? | AdView

Master’s Degrees: Is It Necessary?

Over the last decade or so, the number of people getting Master’s degrees has increased significantly. This can be blamed on the fact that employers no longer care about someone with a Bachelors. It was impressive in the 1970s when …

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Guide: Web Developer

Careers in web developing are increasingly popular across the UK, with vacancies in every role. Web developers are programmers who are responsible for the designing, building and maintaining of online applications and websites. Most web developers focus on underlying software …

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Tips For Working From Home Effectively

The ability to work from home is a wonderful privilege unless you don't know how to stay disciplined and organised. In modern days, working from home is a great opportunity that respective companies afford us. But, the debate continues, which ...
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Guide: Receptionist

A receptionist is often the first point of contact people have with an organisation or company. The main role is to welcome members of the public and assist them. They could be customers, clients or visitors or even over the …

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Types Of Role Play Assessments

A role-play exercise is exactly as it sounds and is used to assess your suitability to the job. They do this by simulating real-life situations, in which hired actors take part in the simulations. There are various types of role-play ...

Men’s style guide: 3 ways to dress for a more productive workday

You’ve probably heard the term ‘dress for success’, but do you know how to do it? Here, Christopher Legard, Managing Director of men’s fashion retailer Joseph Turner gives his top tips to help you dress for a more productive workday. …

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Types Of Interviews

How To Prepare For Interviews Ensuring that the job application process goes well, practising for interviews and the psychometric tests are necessary. Going through the situations in advance will lessen the chance of surprises. There are many interview types used ...
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How To Work For The Metropolitan Police

Thinking of a career in the Met? Like many people, the thought of working for the met is both exhilarating and rewarding. Working for the Metropolitan Police is a lot more hectic than working as a police officer in other …

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Living and Working in Edinburgh

The Scottish city has always been a destination, whether it be for living, travelling, eating, or shopping. It is the UK’s fourth-largest city and historical home of titanic figures in the arts and sciences. Not only is it ‘foodie’ heaven, …