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How To Get A Job in Telecommunications

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What is Telecommunications?

Telecommunications is the exchanging of information though electronic devices. This can cover anything from the transmission of voice, video, and data.

Living in the Technology Age, Telecommunications is an ever-growing sector. We have seen growth from the use of wired telephones and television broadcasts, to fibre-optic broadband and smartphones, allowing us to send and receive almost any form of media instantly.

Fundamentally, Telecommunications is about people communicating, and businesses use this to create a more efficient and intimate connection with customers, colleagues, or their own employees.

What is it like to work in Telecommunications?

Within the Telecommunications industry there is work available in a number of specialised sectors. This could include working with network carriers or equipment manufacturers, and also the network operators who provide both fixed and mobile services to customers.

Your work experience in this field will greatly depend on the type of job you choose to specialise in. As an engineer or technician, you would work on the research and development of the networks used to provide telecommunication, or even the actual equipment used.

If you prefer software development, you could work in creating smartphone apps, maintaining social networks, or a focus on enhancing a network provider’s performance.

Customer service is also a significant part of the industry. The industry is ever-growing, with almost everyone owning a smartphone and using it daily. Companies are also relying on their telecoms to work smoothly, and this results in customer service being a huge element of the industry as a whole.

There is also the sales and marketing side of Telecommunications. One side of this is working in retail, selling mobile phones and internet equipment to the public. The other side is working for carriers, marketing their services to larger businesses showing either why they should switch providers, or upselling additional services that can be purchased and provided.

Who are the key Telecommunications employers?

Typical employers within the Telecommunications industry in the UK vary between mobile network providers, internet service providers, and television broadcasters. Notable businesses within this field include, BT, EEO2, Sky, TalkTalkVirgin, and Vodafone.

What qualifications, training, and skills are required?

There are no set qualification requirements to start a career in Telecommunications, however there are some key skills that will certainly give you a head start.

Having a good knowledge and potentially some experience working in Electronics will be hugely beneficial to you. As the industry is fast-paced and ever-growing, keeping up to date with current trends in Telecommunications will also need to be an ongoing practice in your career.

If you wish to pursue a more specialised career path in Telecommunications, a bachelor’s degree in your chosen specialism will set you on the right path. Studying a subject such as ICT or Electronic Engineering may be hugely beneficial, and can open many doors. 

It is also worth noting that there is the option of pursuing an Apprenticeship within many large Telecommunications companies, and this will certainly give you a good foundation to for your career.

Key skills in this sector include:

  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Attention to detail
  • Good IT skills
  • Math skills
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Time management

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