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How To Get A Job in Sales

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What is Sales?

Sales is the transfer of goods or services in exchange for payment. It’s a crucial part of most businesses, with sales staff selling their company’s products and services to consumers (B2C, business-to-consumer), or other businesses (B2B, business-to-business).

Alongside selling products and services to potential customers, and generating new business, sales staff aim to maintain good relationships with existing clients and win repeat business in the future.

What does a Salesperson do?

People who work in sales are expected to represent their business and know its products and services well. They can then seek out potential customers and new business, make sales, and nurture their client relationships to keep them loyal to their brand and product.

Many positions offer bonuses to talented workers who achieve and exceed sales targets.

Typical duties of a Salesperson include:

  • Building good client relationships
  • Understanding customers’ needs
  • Researching the market and competitor products
  • Presenting a professional image when dealing with customers
  • Responding to incoming customer email and phone enquiries
  • Working with the product and marketing teams as needed
  • Recording sales and order information
  • Reporting on sales figures and performance

Who employs Sales staff?

Sales staff are required in most businesses. Notable industries for sales staff include telecommunication, property, and retail.

Sales staff can also specialise in a specific field of interest, such as medical sales or car sales.

What qualifications and training are required to work in Sales?

Sales is a field that attracts people with varied educational backgrounds and work experience. There are great entry level opportunities that do not require any formal education or experience, and career progression is often based on job performance.

What are a Salesperson’s key skills?

People working in sales need to be confidence, persuasive, and highly motivated.

Other key skills include:

  • Able to work independently
  • Clear communication skills
  • Performance-driven
  • Persuasive or charismatic

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