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How To Get A Personal Assistant (PA) Job

How To Get A Personal Assistant (PA) Job | AdView

What does a Personal Assistant do?

From your local offices to the prime minister, behind every senior managerial role or important position there is a Personal Assistant working closely beside them. A Personal Assistant (PA), sometimes called a Personal Secretary (PS), is a very important and vital position, taking care of admin, secretarial, and often both internal and external management of diaries and time. A PA also must have a clear understanding of their employers role and the business in which they are in, as they will be trusted to professionally answer calls, emails, and other means of communication on behalf of their employer.

Typical Duties of a Personal Assistant include:

  • Arranging travel
  • Assisting manager in preparation for daily tasks
  • Liaising with clientele, customers, staff, or suppliers
  • Making appointments
  • Managing emails, calls, and letters
  • Organising and maintaining a schedule

Who employs Personal Assistants?

Personal Assistants are needed by a large number of people in interesting and various positions. Often, they will be employed be a person in a senior management role, the Personal Assistant being there to aid in organising a busy schedule and other administrative tasks.

What qualifications and training are required to be a Personal Assistant?

Although there are no set requirements in becoming a Personal Assistant, proving your experience, understanding, and value, will be necessary.

It is possible to study for a qualification in administration, and any degree related to business will certainly give you an advantage. It might also be advantageous to temp or work an apprenticeship, as this experience will be invaluable.

What are a Personal Assistant’s key skills?

On top of gaining relevant work experience, an ideal Personal Assistant will need certain skills, including:

  • Ability to use your own initiative
  • Discreet, with understanding of professional privacy and confidentiality
  • Friendly bit professional demeanour
  • Knowledge of the field you are to work in
  • Knowledge of computer skills
  • Self motivation and reliability
  • Strong reading skills
  • Understanding of both written and spoken communication skills

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