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How To Get A Media, Design and Creative Job

How To Get A Job in Media, Design and Creative | AdView

What is it like to work in a Media, Design or Creative job?

Jobs in Media, Design, and the Creative Industry in general are often set in a fast-paced environment full of ideas and opportunities. The sector spans both in-house creative teams, and for a large part, creative agencies that may specialise in Branding, Design, Motion Graphics, Videography, Web Development, or a mix of disciplines.

While there is a common perception that a creative career is a low-paid one, there is plenty of opportunity to work on corporate projects that pay well, lead to an established career, and create opportunities to gain recognition of your work through press and awards too.

Who are the key Media, Design and Creative employers?

With so many businesses operating in the Creative industry, it is best to define your preferred discipline and search for jobs within that sector.

As a rough guide, we’ve compiled the top media businesses, design agencies, and creative businesses in the UK:

Plus, for those who have worked in the sector for a while, freelancing is also a popular career choice, with more control over clients, projects, and specialisms.

What qualifications and training are required?

With so many creative jobs out there, there’s something to suit every academic background.

The traditional route into a Media job is through a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, public relations or journalism, however many start in entry-level positions and work their way up.

For creative roles such as graphic designers, art directors, and web developers, employers usually look for a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Training and workplace qualifications are also valued on a C.V., as well as any other relevant skills such as proficiency working in multiple Adobe programs.

In certain, larger creative businesses, apprenticeships are also available, where you can train on the job, get to work on real projects, and be paid for your time.

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