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How To Write A Successful Job Advert

How To Write A Successful Job Advert | AdView

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How To Optimise Your Job Advert

With so many job adverts out there, it’s important to make yours stand out. We’ve been working in the field of job search for years, and it’s easy to spot the good adverts from the poor ones.

By taking a few minutes to optimise your job advert, you’ll increase the chance of it appearing high up in our Job Search results, as well as search engines like Google.

Get more applications from the right people with our tips to creating the best job advert possible.

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1. Remember It’s An Advert

The first mistake most recruiters and job advert writers do is forget that this advert has to sell!

How would you best sell your company, the role, and its benefits? Jot down all the main points, and then write them in the best way possible. Use adjectives to pep up the advert, but not too many that it makes it hard to read.

The aim here is to strike a good balance between framing the role in a positive light and succinctly describing what you’re looking for.


2. Consider Job Titles

While job titles might not matter so much in the workplace, they are crucial in a job advert.

Make sure you choose a common job title that is frequently searched for. In fact, it’s worth choosing a key job title, and including any other relevant keywords within your advert too. For example:

Desired Job:  Copywriter

Keywords to include:

This will improve your advert’s visibility dramatically.


3. Make the Location Clear

Many people search by location, so it’s important to make this prominent in your advert.

Using your postcode will help index your job advert better, but keywords such as the town, city, and county will help.

Even better, noting how far the place of work is from local travel points will make the advert eye-catching to those needing to commute. For example, if your office is just five minutes’ walk from the train station, state this – it’s a real selling point!


4. Improve Searchability

Now that you’ve got your job title and location sorted, it’s important to make these easily searchable.

In order to stand out from the crowd, your job advert needs to be optimised for search engines likes ours. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can sometimes be difficult to understand, but for job adverts there are two important things you must always do:

  1. Include the job title at least five times in the main text of the advert, so it will appear prominently under the right job titles searches
  2. Include the location – or even better, postcode – in your advert so it will appear under the right location searches


5. Provide Salary Expectations

Recruiters know that job adverts with salary expectations clearly stated receive far more applications than ones that don’t.

Salary is not only a deciding-factor for many applicants, but it’s also something they search by. If your advert doesn’t include a salary, it won’t be appear in some searches, and that means you could miss out on the ideal candidate.


6. Define the Contract Type

An essential in any job advert is the contract type. Make sure you state if this is a full-time or part-time role, whether the contract is permanent or temporary, and also if there’s any flexibility in terms of hours, work week, etc.


7. Explain Why You’re A Great Business to Work For

As we said before, this is a job advert, so make sure you sell yourself!

If you have a set business description (such as your boilerplate text or mission statement) use this to introduce who you are, and what you do.

It’s also important to share positive information around your company culture, future goals, and where you stand amongst your competitors.


8. Give Responsibilities & Expectations

Responsibilities and expectations must be included in your job advert. It’s crucial you describe what the job will entail – and the more detail, the better.

In order to best set this out, follow this format:

  • Overview of the job
  • Daily tasks
  • Contractual responsibilities
  • Future opportunities within the role
  • Details of internal and external people who the candidate will work closely with
  • Information of who the candidate will report to


9. Define Who You’re Looking For

Often the personal description can be overlooked in job adverts. In fact, it is just as important as the job description.

It’s important you know what you can or can’t include in your advert, but the more detail the better. Be clear about the key skills candidates must have, and any desired ones that may also benefit them in the job.

Candidates often use personal descriptions like a checklist, to compare against their C.V. and make sure they have the right skills and experience required.


10. Highlight the Job Benefits

While salary expectations are one job benefit, many workplaces offer other job benefits that are worth shouting about.

Include a bullet point list with any other benefits the successful candidate will receive, such as:

  • Extra amenities in the workplace
  • Opportunities to earn extra, such as commission or bonuses
  • Number of holiday days
  • Team-wide benefits, such as away days, team lunches, etc.


11. Provide Contact Details

As a Job Search Aggregator, we serve lots of job adverts to our users. You would be surprised at how many adverts make it difficult for candidates to apply by forgetting the contact details!

Including the name of the person handling applications, as well as their email address, is our best recommendation. It makes the business seem more familiar, and that there’s a real person looking through all applications.


12. Use Our Job Advert Template

[Organisation Logo]
[Organisation Name]

[Job Title]

Location: [Full address and postcode + Proximity to any local amenities]
Salary: [Salary + Monetary bonuses/Potential commission]
Contract: [Full-time/Part-time + XX Hours per week + Permanent/Temp]

About Us

[Set business description]
[Relevant information on company history, customers, culture, people and goals]
[Positive reason for hiring]

About The Role

[Define the job, daily tasks, responsibilities]
[Indicate any opportunities to learn]
[Team, who they will be working with, who they will report to]

About You

[Technical knowledge]

[Technical knowledge]

The Benefits

  • [Commissions]
  • [Bonuses]
  • [XX days holiday]
  • [Training]
  • [Experience that the candidate will gain]
  • [Career progression opportunities]
  • [Pension]
  • [Healthcare]
  • [Transport/Parking]

How To Apply

[Person in charge of recruitment]
[Contact details]
[Application deadline]


Thank you!

Thank you for reading through our guide to creating a successful job advert. When yours is ready, make sure you submit your advert to us. We wish you luck in finding your next employee!