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How To Get A Job in Fashion and the Arts

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Why work in Fashion and Arts?

Working in Fashion and the Arts is a creative career path with many opportunities to display talent and flair. Whether working in an art gallery as a curator, or for a fashion retailer as a designer, your work will make up the fabric of our society’s culture!

These creative industries also involve over many professions that may not first come to mind, for example working in advertising and public relations, film, music, or even gaming.

What do Fashion and Arts jobs involve?

The beauty of the Fashion and Arts industry is the freedom given, both with time management, and that of your creativity.

Depending on the form you wish to specialise in, you could tour the country as part of a theatre company, or design dresses for celebrities walking the red carpet. On a designer level, you will be expected to fulfil the contract given, however in this industry you could become head of a major company, and the creative possibilities truly are endless.

Typical duties within Fashion and Arts professions include:

  • Creating and giving presentations
  • Finding suppliers and estimating price requirements to a budget
  • Networking with industry professionals
  • Sketching out design ideas
  • Thinking and working creatively
  • Using your specialised technical skills
  • Working to a design brief

Who are the key Fashion and Arts employers?

Unless you choose to go independent and freelance, depending on the area of the Arts you wish to go into will most certainly affect the notable employees in your speciality.

If you wish to work in the Fashion Industry, some of the top employers include DebenhamsH&MInditex (parent company of Zara), Levis, LMVH (in their Fashion or Jewellery divisions), New Look, Next, River Island, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Within the Arts, you could work for a film or television at companies such as ITV or Sony Pictures, or even a notable publishing company including Bloomsbury, Penguin Random House, and Cambridge University Press.

What qualifications and training are required?

To work in the fashion industry, having the skills necessary, such as sewing and cut, are absolutely necessary. From this, there are higher education qualifications you are can achieve, from college courses to specialist fashion studies at University.

One of the most important parts of your work will be your portfolio, firstly to get into your chosen course, and after graduating it can be key to landing jobs in notable fashion designer companies. Experience is vital in this industry!

Similarly within the Arts, your experience and skills are the foundation of your career. Whether this is to put together a portfolio of your work, or to network with artists within your workplace, getting your work and talents out there is necessary to being successful. 

It could prove beneficial to study at university or a similar institute, taking a course in Fine Art, Media Studies, Art History, and other subject-specific courses.

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