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How To Get A Job in Electronics

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What is Electronics?

Electronics is the practice of designing, developing, and the maintenance of a vast range of electrical devices and systems. Work within the electronics field can range from automotiveIT, nucleartelecommunications, and many more.

Electronics is an ever growing business, and in today’s society it is becoming more prevalent within all aspects of the world we live in.

What is it like to work in Electronics?

Working in electronics will be very specialised depending on the direction you choose to go. Work will involve designing and developing electric systems, while also taking into considering the clients’ and customers’ needs. This will include calculating manufacturing and maintenance costs, and using optimal electronic components taking into account the needs and safety of the work.

Typical duties of someone working in Electronics include:

  • Carrying out system evaluations
  • Improving electronic usage, and the components of the product
  • Inspecting electrical products for health and safety precautions
  • Making sure interfaces and operating systems are user friendly
  • Problem solving
  • Turning concepts into reality

Who are the key employers in Electronics?

Employers within electronics span from major global electronic companies to local construction and utility companies. Notable businesses who employ within the electronics field include AppleGoogle, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, and Samsung.

What qualifications and training are required?

Most people working in Electronics have gone through higher education, most often in Electronic Engineering. Work experience is also desired, which will either come as part of your education, or should be sought out to coincide with your studies.

Some key skills you may also need to possess:

  • Ability to communicate ideas both in spoken and in writing
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Good understanding of maths
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strong knowledge of IT fundamentals
  • Strong team working skills
  • Time management

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