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How To Get A Job in Education and Training

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What is Education and Training?

Education is the process of sharing knowledge on a specific subject, with the aim of empowering students and developing their reasoning and judgement skills. It most commonly refers to school, college, and university-level learning.

Similarly, training involves imparting knowledge on a specific subject, usually on a short-term basis that can appeal to students of any age.

What does a Teacher do?

A teacher’s main role is to educate their students in the subject they have specialised.

In formal education, teachers work in a school environment, teaching multiple students in classrooms. Their work conforms to a set structure, usually taking into account the school’s curriculum, organisational models, learning spaces and available equipment. This is especially true of primary and secondary school education.

Higher education usually requires a higher level of education on the teacher or lecturer’s part, and provides a more flexible approach to teaching.

Typical duties of a Teacher include:

  • Lesson planning and preparation
  • Marking pupils’ work and homework
  • Providing pastoral support for students
  • Preparing for OFSTED inspections
  • Reporting on pupils’ performance
  • Attending parents’ evenings
  • Running extra-curricular activities

Who employs Teachers?

A large number of job opportunities in education and training can be found within the public sector.

Private organisations such as business schools, language schools, music schools, summer schools, and private nurseries also employ tutors and teachers.

What qualifications and training are required to be a Teacher?

Teachers will need a background in formal education, normally with a specialism in one or more of the subjects they wish to teach.

If you are interested in working in a formal education institution, you will need to have a Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s degree in your relevant subject, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

For managerial positions in schools, such as Deputy Head and Headteacher jobs, a PhD qualification is occasionally required.

What are a Teacher’s key skills?

Teachers need to be knowledgeable, patient, and passionate about their subject and their students. Teaching and training jobs are performed by professionals who feel rewarded by supporting others in the learning process.

Above all, a good teacher is organised, caring, and systematic in their approach.

Other key skills include:

  • Able to motivate others
  • Accurate in their work
  • Communicative
  • Comfortable leading others
  • Disciplinarian when required
  • Good judgement
  • Moderate IT skills
  • Patience
  • Personable in nature
  • Organised with time and paperwork
  • Specialist in their field
  • Well read
  • Can work independently