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Kevin Brady on Brexit Jobs

04 July 2016
Besma Whayeb

What We Think of Brexit | In Demand by AdView

Listen to AdView’s very own Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he discusses the impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU and the effect it will have on the job market:

Below is the complete transcription of Kevin Brady’s latest appearence on talkRADIO which took place on 4th July 2016.

Paul Ross: And it’s time now for Just the Job on talkRADIO. Joining us to discuss the current state of the UK job market – very interesting time business-wise of course – let’s welcome back Kevin, our mate. Good morning Kevin.

Kevin Brady: Good morning Paul, how are you?

Paul Ross: Fine thank you. Now the issue of Brexit far from going away hasn’t even really started yet. We’re waiting to find out who’s going to be leader of the Conservative Party, to lead us into the negotiations. We’ve talked previously about the potential impact of that referendum result on UK jobs, and now we’ve made that decision to leave – are you and other industry experts any wiser as to what the future might hold?

Kevin Brady: Well Paul, I think it’s fair to say that whilst there’s been plenty of speculation, hard certainties are really quite few and far between at the moment. I mentioned a couple of weeks back that small businesses were equally split on the issue – whilst the corporations, the big multinationals and the banks – were almost all united in their support for remaining in the EU. But recently we’ve heard that Vodafone may be moving operations elsewhere whilst HSBC is thinking about moving one thousand workers to Paris. So it is a bit concerning, there do seem to be changes afoot.

Paul Ross: And is there consensus amongst you and your colleagues in the recruitment business?

Kevin Brady: There is. There’s definitely been a slowdown but that might be down to the recent increase in the minimum wage. But there does seem to be a slowdown recently because of the issues of Brexit as well, so we’re keeping a close eye on it.

Paul Ross: Another point that always crops up in relation to jobs is immigration from the EU to the UK, and indeed from elsewhere in the world. Now we voted to leave – what impact might that have on the UK jobs market? Will it mean there’s more jobs for Brits or more unfilled vacancies?

Kevin Brady: Well Paul, your listeners may be interested to hear that the number of non-UK workers that we have on our website applying for work is just 2% – so really not that many at all. Now whether this will decrease after Brexit – it does seem probable, I can see that happening. But as far as wider trends go, we’re keeping a closer eye on the stats here at AdView to give us a better idea idea of where the job market’s heading. Though the early signs we’ve been seeing are that employers have been more reluctant to hire so there have been some effects.

Paul Ross: Now a lot of young people have been very angry about the vote to leave, they say it’s the older generation effectively betraying their futures. In terms of future careers, do you think it will be younger people inevitably harder hit by Brexit?

Kevin Brady: We know that young people – people under 34 – tend to search for jobs online. 62% of our users at AdView are actually under 34. Another important fact to highlight surrounding Brexit and the National Minimum Wage, as I said, has been a slowdown in the number of companies hiring. This means that there’s the potential for job seekers at the moment to end up in a situation where they’re competing for less jobs. So it is very competitive; I can only see it getting more competitive.

Paul Ross: What advice would you give to young people who might be worried about the impact of Brexit, they’re worried about what career might be the safer career-path to choose. What advice would you give to them.

Kevin Brady: What I would say – one bit of advice I would give – not just to young people, but to everyone looking for work, is to be positive. After all the sky hasn’t fallen down, or the economy exploded – well not yet anyway. Be as proactive as possible, sign up to job alerts, we have a job alert system at AdView. I personally feel it’s the most effective way of looking for work at the moment. Other than that I’d just recommend people just stay positive and keep on top of things.

Paul Ross: Given the current climate – the uncertainty – do you think it’s better for people in work to keep looking or are they safer to batton down the hatches and not bother firing off those emails and CVs.

Kevin Brady: I know we’re going through a period of uncertainty at the moment, but I don’t believe that anyone should put their career on hold at all. If the right opportunity comes along – apply for it! Industry experts agree that people frequently changing jobs is the sign of a healthy economy, believe it or not. And I know there’s been a slight decrease in jobs recently – but there’s still a lot of jobs out there, so remain positive and it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Paul Ross: Thanks Kevin. You can hear more from Kevin from around this same time next week. To register for daily updates or relevant jobs in your area – that’s if you’re looking for work, or if just trying to see what’s out there if you’re trying to see what’s out there if you’re thinking of changing paths, changing career, changing direction – head to AdView.