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What Are The 10 Highest Paid Jobs in the UK?

25 September 2017
Besma Whayeb

What Are The 10 Highest Paid Jobs in the UK? | In Demand by AdView

Figuring out your next step? Before deciding to pursue a new career path, it might be helpful to have an end-goal in sight.

And if money’s your main motivator, there’s no better place to start than take a quick look at ONS data on the UK’s best paid jobs. From airline pilots to high-flying department managers, these professions won’t leave you out of pocket.

1. Chief Executive: £114,486

A predictably high-salary job, and often one often only achieved after a lifetime’s work and dedication to a company. Most CEO positions require years of experience, evidence of consistently good business decisions, and an MBA or financial qualification. It’s a long way to the top…

2. Aircraft Pilot: £91,678

Becoming a commercial pilot is an understandably long procedure. You’ll need to do two years of training which will set you back about £100,000. But that’ll make you one of the UK’s top earners, and you’ll probably never sit at a desk again.

3. Marketing & Sales Director: £82,211

Ah, something a bit more within reach. You might need a degree to enter the profession, and then climb the ladder from the position of sales or marketing executive. Although salaries for director roles in marketing or sales are generally pretty high compared to the UK mean of £28,296, the vary depending on the company you’re working at. Salaries start at £37,298 and max out at about £107,719, according to the ONS.

4. Air Traffic Controller: £77,682

This one came as a surprise to us at AdView, but it completely makes sense. The job comes with a lot of responsibility, and you’ll also have to work nights and weekends. To land a role as an Air Traffic Controller, you don’t need a degree – just an air traffic control licence from the National Air Traffic Services, which takes about three years to train for.

5. Legal Professional: £75,994

Barristers, solicitors and judges are famously paid more than the average worker. But to get to that point, you’ll have to study law for about seven years. If the thought of going back to school makes your toes curl, maybe you weren’t born to be an arbiter of justice!

6. IT Directors: £71,968

As tech continues to turn more traditional industries inside out, we’ve got this one chalked as the biggest grower in the most well-paid list.

In fact, over the past year, IT directors were paid 6.3% more, while most other well-paid occupations saw a decrease in annual wages.

Although you don’t necessarily need a degree for this profession, you do need a lot of specialist knowledge and a fair chunk of experience.

7. Medical Practitioners: £71,455

The job your mother wanted you to get, but you didn’t have the stomach for. Let’s face it, studying for seven years is a big ask, and it takes a while to work up to being a GP too. But it appears to pay off: medical practitioners and GPs earn over £70,000 per year.

8. Financial Managers & Directors: £70,465

If you’re keeping the books at a company, you’ll want to see yourself compensated adequately. A Financial Controller is a great ambition for those with a head for numbers, and progressing to Financial Director can earn you a paycheck of £70,465 per year.

9. Functional Managers & Directors: £69,855

A ‘functional manager’ is not always the opposite of a ‘dysfunctional manager’.

The job title refers to anyone that heads up a department and reports into senior management. That could be to a variety of people with a range in duties and experience, so the difference between the highest and lowest paid in this profession is stark.

While retail managers earn about £18,623 at the lower end of the scale, managing directors at established professional services companies could be on about £119,900.

10. Economists & Statisticians: £65,604

Although economics isn’t as much as a hard science as people are led to believe, you’ll get handsomely rewarded for predicting the motions of the economy. On average, economists and statisticians are likely to earn £65,604!