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The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For

30 May 2018
Besma Whayeb

Should you be hunting for a job any time soon, you’ll want to find one that has good career opportunities and pays a decent wage. The good news is there are plenty of opportunities out there right now.

If you don’t have a degree, however, what are the best paying jobs you can hope for?

Contrary to popular belief, not all well remunerated jobs require you to spend 3 years slaving away at university. There are a number of professions that don’t include higher qualifications in their job specs:


The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For - Sales | In Demand by AdViewSales Management

There are plenty of companies looking for sales reps and managers. While these can often be challenging posts, they rely on your ability to communicate rather than a degree certificate. Most sales environments are results orientated, if you can show you are able to close a deal and work in a pressurised environment, your educational background is irrelevant. It’s also sector where you will progress quickly if you are successful.


The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For - Air Traffic Control | In Demand by AdViewAir Traffic Control

If you fancy something a little more technical, you might want to become an air traffic controller. You will need to have at least three years training to get your certificate but you can go into this area of work with just 5 GCSEs under your belt. Expect to earn up to £20,000 when you first start and there are chances to progress in your career, with earnings of around £50,000 for those with experience.


The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For - Police and Fire Service | In Demand by AdViewFire and Police Service

If you can pass the initial test and have the fitness level to succeed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join the fire service. As you move up the ranks, you can expect to earn £40,000 plus. Another option is to join the police force where salaries begin at around £20,000. There are a variety of different jobs in the police from constable right through to inspector and more senior positions. Both fire and police work are highly demanding, of course, but they don’t require a degree to get started.


The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For - Transport | In Demand by AdViewTransport Companies

Transport is a highly specialised employment sector and it’s also quite a well-paid one. New train, bus and tram drivers should expect to earn as much as £25,000 and experienced operatives and managers can earn twice that amount.

The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For - HGV Driver | In Demand by AdViewHGV Drivers

Driving a heavy goods vehicle is not everyone’s cup of tea though it is a sector where there is a shortage of qualified staff at the moment. You need to have a HGV licence and the right training to drive a large lorry but, once you’ve done that, you should expect to earn between £25,000 and £35,000 a year.

The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For - Start-Ups | In Demand by AdViewNew Businesses

Should you want to boost your earning potential, one option is to set up your own business and become an entrepreneur. While as many as 50% of new businesses fail, it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to set one up. New business owners themselves are not always looking to employ graduates but are willing to give those with enthusiasm and a drive to learn a chance. They’re worth seeking out if you are looking for a change in career but don’t want to go to college.


The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For - Construction | In Demand by AdViewConstruction Sites

Finally, construction management is another area you can get into without any degree qualifications. Employers are usually looking for managers who have worked in the industry and are good at communicating with others – a degree comes a long way down their list of requirements. Construction managers can earn up to £50,000.


The good news is that, just because you don’t have a degree qualification, it shouldn’t hamper your prospects while searching for a job, particularly if you pick the right industries.