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5 Reasons to Work in Tech

11 June 2018
Besma Whayeb
5 Reasons to Work in Tech | In Demand by AdView

Technology is everywhere. We’ve become so used to it that we hardly notice it anymore. But every mobile phone and TV, home smart meter and car has one thing in common. They were all created with the help of talented people in the tech industry.

It seems being smart can be a good way to earn money!

If you haven’t thought of looking for a job in the tech industry, here are some very good reasons why it might just be the perfect career move:

Job Availability

As you might expect, the tech industry is one of the fastest growing employers around the world. In practically every country, there is a tech hub where jobs are being created. Many local councils around the UK are encouraging tech companies to start up and they’re also working hard to attract already established businesses. Some recruitment organisations have seen a 13% increase in tech jobs being advertised in just the last year. It’s a booming career area that comes with a wide range fo possibilities.

Variety in Tech

Combined with the growing number of jobs is the variety of positions available. This isn’t just about boffins sitting at computers. It’s a highly creative industry that has a number of different ways in through the front door. It includes everything from software developers and website design to engineering and data management. It’s also a sector where potential is often more valued than academic skills.

Job Satisfaction

If you are looking for a job that provides high levels of satisfaction, this is one industry to take a closer look at. Tech companies are famous for their unusual work cultures, with employees given all the freedom they need to work productively. Recent research has shown that workers in the tech industry are some of the happiest around the world. There’s also plenty of opportunity to advance on your own merits and try new things if you want to further develop your career.

Decent Salaries

As with most industries, salaries can vary from sector to sector but there are many in tech who earn a pretty good wage. Average salaries are on the rise and the vast majority of professionals in the business say they earn enough to meet all their living requirements. If you’re good at your job there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be earning around £50,000 and perhaps a whole lot more.

You Don’t Always Need a Degree

You might think that you need a high level degree to work in tech but that’s not always true. More than any other industry, tech appreciates talent and if you can demonstrate you have the creativity and ability there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a job in this area. They’re not so worried about where you got your skills but how good you are at implementing them.

There are literally thousands of jobs for the tech industry posted online every month across the UK and its one of the biggest growth areas for employment at the moment. If you want to work in an industry that values its employees and has great job opportunities, it’s well worth a closer look.