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Kevin Brady joins Paul Ross on talkRADIO

30 May 2016
Besma Whayeb

AdView's Kevin Brady on talkRADIO with Paul Ross | In Demand by AdView

AdView are delighted to announce that our own job-expert Kevin Brady will be appearing on Just the Job – a new show on talkRADIO host Paul Ross’ Breakfast Set every Monday from 6.30-7am.

Kevin, a director at AdView, will be offering his expertise on all the big job-related topics in the media, offering listeners a unique insight into the jobs market.

The personality-driven station, which styles itself as the “UK’s most exciting speech radio station”, launched once again on 21st March 2016.

Speaking about the show, Kevin said: “The show’s primarily aimed at job seekers and those thinking about a career change. The AdView team know as well as anyone else that job hunting can be a bit of a minefield but it really doesn’t have to be.

“That’s why we want to offer practical tips and advice on how job seekers can find work whilst exploring the important jobs related issues in the media.

“We want to get rid of the old question and answer-style interview for a more conversational approach that’s informative but gets people talking as well.”

So what sort of things can we expect to hear?

Kevin continued: “A wide range of topics will be analysed, from the impact of Brexit on the jobs market to graduates finishing university and looking for work to the best things to consider when changing career.

“We certainly won’t shy away from the big questions and challenging some of the received wisdoms in our industry.

“For those who don’t catch me – or would prefer a lie in instead – all the audio and transcriptions will be available to catch up with on the AdView website.”

AdView is one of the UK’s largest job search sites, advertising hundreds of thousands of jobs with over 2 million verified job seekers signed up to job alerts.

Get listening

Listen to AdView’s very own Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he tackles questions from Breakfast host Paul Ross on the jobs market.

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