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4 Quick Ways to Enhance Your Job Search

20 February 2017
Besma Whayeb

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Job Search | In Demand by AdView

The rise of LinkedIn, job search engines and thousands of niche job boards has lead to a dramatic change in the way we search for jobs.

While it’s easier than ever to research jobs online, the sheer volume of information out there can make the process overwhelming for many.

As a job search board, we list new job opportunities from across the UK, and make searching for jobs incredibly simple. But don’t just take our word for it: follow our top four quick tips to improve your job search, and save valuable time and effort in finding your next position:

1. Are you realistic about what jobs you’re applying for?

If you don’t have the relevant experience it’s very unlikely your application will even be considered. Two ways you can quickly fix this: start searching for a variety of jobs in your sector, and see which come back with positive responses. Option two: enhance your CV by highlighting your key skills, and what you can bring to a new role and improve upon.

2. Is your CV up to scratch?

Does your CV reflect you? It’s hard to put your personality, skills, interests, career aspirations and more down on one sheet of A4, so invest in Professional CV Writing services to help you out, or search for example CVs in your field of work.

3. Have you written a cover letter?

The number of applicants that forget to send in a cover letter is incredible. Many recruiters want to see something fresh, and tailored to their company and position, so writing one will really put you at an advantage over the other candidates that haven’t .

4. What sort of job sites are you searching on?

Job search boards like ours index hundreds of thousands of jobs from across the UK every day. In fact, we compile jobs from all the major job search websites, meaning you only need to look at our listings to see all the opportunities out there! Start your search now…