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Meghan Markle: From Froyo Employee to Princess Bride

02 July 2018
Besma Whayeb
Meghan Markle: From Froyo Employee to Princess Bride | In Demand by AdView

On May 19th, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. Their Royal Wedding strayed from tradition: from the understated dress to the change of location (Windsor Castle rather than Westminster Abbey), the couple certainly made it clear that they like doing things their way.

And it’s no surprise; Meghan has always had her own way of doing things. Her career trajectory was certainly no ordinary one, and yet there are definite lessons we can all learn from the new Duchess of Sussex.

1. Build Up The C.V.

Meghan Markle had her first job at the age of 13, as a Frozen Yoghurt Seller. She also added Soup Kitchen Volunteer to her C.V. while at school, showing initiative, compassion, and good citizenship. Despite neither of these jobs being directly related to her later career in acting, it’s clear she has a good work ethic by taking up these roles.

2. Find Your Talents

While taking minor roles and diligently waiting for her big break, Meghan Markle discovered her talent for calligraphy. She would hand-letter correspondence, including invitations to Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding. It shows she knew her personal talents, and put them to good use.

Had she not had her heart set on bigger things, perhaps she could have become an acclaimed illustrator or graphic designer!

3. Negotiate For More

Acting is a tough industry to break into, and it definitely takes more than just talent. Meghan appeared in a film alongside Ashton Kutcher, and developed her one-word role into five lines by negotiating with the film’s director.

It’s little moments like these that can change the way a boss thinks about you, and also gives you the opportunity to work on bigger and better things. She later went on to have small roles in CSI, 90210, and then got her big break in Suits.

4. Build Your Online Reputation

Social media plays a big part in how prospective employers assess you – it’s commonplace for employers to look at your social profiles alongside your official application. For this reason, it’s important to have a glowing online presence in order to establish your personality, and also back-up what’s on paper.

Megan ran her personal blog, The Tig, as a way of documenting what she does outside of work, and how she takes care of herself. It added a different dimension to her regular 2D television appearances, and made her fans feel closer to her too.

5. Dream Big

Finally, dream big! I doubt Meghan ever thought she would become British Royalty one day, but she definitely entertained the idea after being set up on a date with Prince Harry by a close friend.

Opportunities like that don’t happen every day, but it’s important to be open to them in the first place. Be open to new opportunities at work, take on more responsibility, and perhaps show yourself as a suitable candidate for promotion.