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What We Think of the Gender Pay Gap

11 July 2016
Besma Whayeb

What We Think of the Gender Pay Gap | In Demand by AdView

Listen to AdView’s Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he answers questions on the highly debated gender pay gap:

Below is the complete transcription of Kevin Brady’s latest appearance on talkRADIO which took place on the 11th July 2016.

Paul Ross: Good morning Kevin. Now, we are heading for a historic moment in politics it seems, because we could have every party across the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland and down here in England led by a women, and they will as MP’s in the house of commons or as shadow members of the opposition get the same pay grade. Does that pertain across other bits of the world of work because we hear a lot of this Gender pay gap don’t we?

Kevin Brady: Yes we do Paul. The first thing I would say is that you can hear all kinds of statistics about this and other gender related employment issues, and they don’t often always show the full picture. I mean the gap between men and women’s earnings has remained consistent in recent years but it is worth noting that from the age of 40 upwards the gap seems to be much wider, this may be due in part to those that decide to have children and have to take time out of the labour market and this can affect salary as they perhaps progress through their respected careers.

Paul Ross: Also of course when we get to the top I have heard we have been saying in the past, in the city of London, leading the big companies around the country there’s this glass ceiling for females and there is no where near as many women on the boards of companies as there is men are there?

Kevin Brady: That is a good point especially where graduates are concerned, we were looking at a recent report by the Higher Education Statistics Agency. The report highlights that the starting salary for graduate men was actually £24,000 and for women it was £21,000 and that was last year. The year before that it was a £2,000 gap, so for graduates at least it is getting bigger and not smaller. And that is despite the fact that women make up most of the university leavers this year, so it is a bit of a concern.

Paul Ross: Given the equal payout to the equality acts of recent years if the job is exactly the same, people should whether male or female be paid the same. Have you got an examples of job ads that could say discriminate against people going for them and a different salary for men and women?

Kevin Brady: I get asked these questions a lot by people looking for work and it is actually illegal for any employer or recruiters to state that they are employing for a job that they are discriminating against for any reason. This may include a candidate’s age, employers can they ask phrases like are you a recent graduate and about their experience, or something more relevant to the role otherwise you may be being seen as agist. Then there are things like advertising for a position for a waitress instead of a waiter, or a postman or fireman. So it could cause some recruiters some bother. I must highlight Paul that we filter out any jobs that may potentially discriminate against anyone for any personal characteristics be it gender age or religion and so forth.

Paul Ross: So then I suppose even when it comes to religion people might get offered different terms for religious holidays or work patterns to mark the sabbath for example so in that way people should be treated absolutely levelly and you at AdView make sure that happens?

Kevin Brady: Absolutely Paul. We do, we have got quite a strict, what is called an algorithm, I am no IT expert Paul but it filters out any jobs that we feel are poor quality and it would raise a red flag with us, then we get in touch with that employer and let them know about it.

Paul Ross: Now the law is one thing, and we appreciate that, but do you notice job adverts placed, even in local newspapers where you kind of think there is a code, you know what they are saying but do discourage or encourage certain types of people?

Kevin Brady: Yes Paul, so whilst it is true that there aren’t as many of these types of jobs out there as there once where in recent past, there are still jobs ads out there you can find online that do fall short of these legal requirements like some of the ones I have mentioned. I will mention it again our aggregator filters out these jobs but it has to be said that a small percentage may fall short of the necessary standards so we have to put a pretty good quality control in place to safeguard against this and I obviously recommend that anyone looking for work on our website or any other website do spot something that looks untowards, let the company know straight away.

Paul Ross: Of course you could soon be looking for jobs for two people A. Leadsom and J. Corbyn possibly!

Kevin Brady: Yes I know and we are going to have some female ghostbusters which is great.

Paul Ross: Kevin we appreciate your time this morning, and to register for the latest updates on jobs in your area head to AdView