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Is A 4 Day Work Week Really More Productive?

Does a change in the number of work days – or even working hours – improve productivity? Find out if you would be suited to a shorter work week here.

Read more 11 Sep 2018


How To Find Your Career Niche

Discover how to accelerate your career by finding your specialism and carving out a professional niche with our expert guide.

Read more 6 Sep 2018


What Jobs Can I Do to Get Work Experience?

Discover 6 ways you can gain work experience and other important skills that will land you your first job with our handy guide.

Read more 4 Sep 2018


How To Prepare for a Video Interview

Getting ready for a video interview? Find out how to prepare your microphone, your camera, and yourself to make it all go smoothly.

Read more 30 Aug 2018


How To Ask for a Raise

Discover the best way to ask for a raise, receive a promotion, and advance your career with our step-by-step guide.

Read more 28 Aug 2018


The 9-to-5 is Dead: Do You Work Too Much?

The UK public has spoken: we no longer want to work the traditional hours set for us. But what does our new work day look like? And do we work too much?

Read more 23 Aug 2018


How to Spot A Job Scam

Have you experienced something dodgy while searching for a job? Find out how to spot three popular job scams, and where to get advice and support.

Read more 21 Aug 2018


Start-Up Secrets from Business Leaders

Looking to work for yourself, or start your own business? Get great entrepreneurial advice from business founders, leaders, and famous CEOs in our guide.

Read more 16 Aug 2018


How To Prep For Your Work Holiday

Want to book holiday, but don’t want to annoy your boss or colleagues? Here’s our guide to booking time off without causing problems…

Read more 14 Aug 2018


The World’s Hardest Working Cats

For International Cat Day, discover some of the world’s most talented cats, their jobs, and how they’re pushing the boundaries for feline-kind.

Read more 8 Aug 2018


What To Expect from Full-time Freelancing

Thinking of making the leap to freelancing? Find out what to expect, what you need to prepare for, and how you can succeed with our handy guide.

Read more 7 Aug 2018


Why You Should Stop “Looking Busy”

With almost all jobs, the workload isn’t consistent. Instead of looking busy, why not try one of our top tips to get ahead at work and boost your career?

Read more 2 Aug 2018


Early Career Goals from Industry Leaders

Get great early career advice from industry leaders, public figures, and famous CEOs, and advance your career with a little bit of their help!

Read more 31 Jul 2018


It’s Time We Appreciated Our System Administrators!

They keep our computers, printers, servers, and businesses running, so show some appreciation to your System Administrators & IT Team this #SysAdmin Day!

Read more 26 Jul 2018


How To Find The Perfect Grad Scheme

Discover – and get onto – the perfect graduate scheme for you, using our in-depth guide to the best UK graduate schemes available.

Read more 24 Jul 2018


What You Should Know Before Starting A Side Hustle

Looking to start a business on the side of your usual job? Read our ultimate guide and learn how to plan, start, and succeed at a side hustle.

Read more 17 Jul 2018


How To Get Hired Quickly using UK Job Trends

Discover UK job trends and job market cycles to improve your chances of getting hired at the right time, as well as negotiating a promotion or pay rise.

Read more 11 Jul 2018


Personal Branding 101: How To Perfect Your Own

Find out what a personal brand is, how to create your own, and how to advance your career based on your reputation, public profile, and more.

Read more 10 Jul 2018


How To Be Productive on Social Media

Follow our top tips to improve your productivity on social media and get ahead in your career – rather than just procrastinating on it!

Read more 5 Jul 2018


What We Can Learn from Meghan Markle’s Career

Find out how Meghan Markle’s career history really was fit for a princess – from her first job, to her new position at Prince Harry’s side!

Read more 2 Jul 2018


How To Streamline Your Job Search

Use our handy guide to find your next job opportunity quickly and efficiently.

Read more 25 Jun 2018


5 Reasons to Work in Tech

Technology is everywhere. We’ve become so used to it that we hardly notice it anymore. But every mobile phone and TV, home smart meter and car has one thing in common. They were all created with the help of talented people in the tech industry.

Read more 11 Jun 2018


How Much is the Productivity Crisis Costing UK Business?

Every business owner knows that an unproductive employee will cost them money as well as time. It’s frustrating when someone isn’t doing the job they’re supposed to.

Read more 08 Jun 2018


The Best Paid Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For

Should you be hunting for a job any time soon, you’ll want to find one that has good career opportunities and pays a decent wage. The good news is there are plenty of opportunities out there right now.

Read more 30 May 2018


How to write a cover letter that makes a great first impression

Employers receive stacks of applications. Sometimes hundreds. So they don’t want to spend all day trawling through pages and pages of fluff. To stand out from the crowd and make an instant impression, keep your cover letter to….

Read more 18 May 2018


Are You Best Suited to a Small Company or a Large Business?

Little or large: It’s a conflict as old as boys against girls, dogs versus cats and United V City.

Read more 8 May 2018


The top 10 soft skills employers seek in 2018

If you’re job hunting, you already know the importance of selling yourself. To be in with a shout, you have to show the prospective employer that you have the relevant skills and experience for the job.

Read more 17 Apr 2018


How to take the plunge and go for that career change

The idea of changing your career is never an easy one. However, job satisfaction is just as important as how much you earn. After all, with so much of our time spent at work, it makes sense that we do something that we love.

Read more 27 Mar 2018


Graduates Job Search Tips 2018

Finding a new job can be a daunting task, there’s no doubt about it, and finding a job after graduation can be even more of a formidable endeavour. By keeping calm, organised and utilising available resources, your job hunt can be far easier, productive and relevant to you.

Read more 18 Mar 2018


Recruitive Software Integrates with AdView

Recruitive Software has added job board aggregator, AdView to its extensive panel of almost 2,000 job boards.

Read more 09 Mar 2018


Learning & Development could fix the UK’s graduate jobs market

There appears to be a disconnect between what graduates and companies are looking for in a role. Companies want to attract graduates who quickly add value to their business, while graduates want the rewards that come with starting their own company.

Read more 10 Nov 2017


5 tips for honing your personal brand

Whether you’re looking for a new job or want to maximise the impact of your engagements with people online, it’s a good idea to develop a personal brand.

Read more 27 Oct 2017


AI will disrupt recruitment, but what will that look like?

Although it’s clear that AI is going to overturn the manual processes involved in finding and hiring talent, it’s less clear how exactly the technology will achieve this. For many recruiters and hiring managers, the promise of AI seems a long way from the daily reality of phone calls, emails and interviews with candidates.

Read more 11 Oct 2017


These are the 10 highest paid jobs in the UK

Do you see yourself in any of the roles below? Where available, you can find out whether your skill set matches up to the job spec by clicking on each job title below.

Read more 25 Sep 2017


Don’t look for professionalism on Facebook

Before deciding to interview a candidate, you might look at their Facebook page to find out a bit more about them. The candidate might have their privacy settings turned right up, or you might be able to head right in and take a good look around.

Read more 25 Aug 2017


The big UK unemployment North-South divide

While politicians may have us believe the gap between the North and South of the UK is shrinking, we know that the concept of a North-South divide has been around for decades, with many experts claiming it is growing wider.

Read more 31 July 2017


What will the growth of AI mean for the SME hiring process?

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is well and truly on the rise in businesses of all sizes. What does that mean for the hiring process within SMEs?

Read more 19 July 2017


How will the growth of AI impact the HR and recruitment sectors?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is well and truly on the rise across many sectors and industries. In fact, there’s probably been a point where you’ve asked yourself: “could my job be taken over by a robot?”.

Read more 5 July 2017


Does the growth of AI mean it’s the end of the line for recruiters?

It’s no secret that AI is well and truly on the rise. What’s more, there is no doubt that at some point, you may have asked yourself: ‘could my job be replaced by a robot?’

Read more 09 June 2017


4 Ways to Get the most out of your job search

The rise of LinkedIn, job search engines and thousands of niche job boards has lead to a dramatic change in the way in which people search for jobs. Whilst it’s easier than ever to research jobs online, the sheer volume of information out there can make the process overwhelming for many.

Read more 20 February 2017


Kevin Brady: Is mobile the future of recruiting?

There’s no getting away from the fact more people than ever before are using mobile and tablets to search for jobs. But what impact does this have on recruitment and what can be done to help facilitate this shift?

Read more 05 December 2016


How I built a job search website in 24 hours that actually makes money

A short while ago, a friend asked if I could aid him on a PHP project for his sports news website. The request involved turning his static website into a place where people could search for jobs passively while catching the latest sports gossip.

Read more 29 November 2016


Shane McGourty joins AdView as Director

AdView, the job search aggregator, have just announced the appointment of Shane McGourty as a new director.

Read more 24 November 2016


Kevin Brady: What can job sites do to tackle youth unemployment?

Youth unemployment is an ongoing issue in the UK. Although the situation isn’t as bad as on the continent, there is still plenty of cause for concern in this area.

Read more 18 November 2016


Kevin Brady discusses AdView’s New Publisher Program

For any job site, big or small, new or established, identifying and securing effective traffic sources is key. As long as the traffic remains targeted and consistent, conversions will follow.

Read more 04 November 2016


Kevin Brady: Why job boards still have a role to play in recruitment

We all know that the ways in which people apply for jobs are evolving rapidly.

Read more 21 October 2016


Kevin Brady: “It’s in the best interests of candidates for job sites to advertise ZHCs”

You probably don’t need me to tell you that the UK job market is going through unprecedented changes at the minute.

Read more 07 October 2016


AdView just the job talks about the gender pay gap

Listen to AdView’s Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he answers questions on the highly debated gender pay gap.

Read more 11 July 2016


AdView on talkRADIO | EU Referendum Decision

Listen to AdView’s very own Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he discusses the impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU and the effect it will have on the job market.

Read more 04 July 2016


Just the Job – Kevin Brady talks CVs on talkRADIO

Listen to AdView’s very own Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he discusses what to put in your CV that will catch the attention of recruiters.

Read more 27 June 2016


Kevin Brady discusses jobseekers’ online habits post-Brexit

Has the UK voting to leave the EU led to a change in job seekers’ online habits? This seems to be the case for one job search site.

Read more 23 June 2016


Just the Job – Kevin Brady on Brexit

Listen to AdView’s very own Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he tackles questions from Breakfast host Paul Ross on Brexit.

Read more 20 June 2016


Just the Job – Kevin Brady on zero hour contracts

Listen to AdView’s very own Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he tackles questions from Breakfast host Paul Ross on the recent furore surrounding zero hour contracts.

Read more 13 June 2016


Just the Job – Kevin Brady talks graduates on talkRADIO

Listen to AdView’s very own Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he tackles questions from Breakfast host Paul Ross on the graduate jobs market.

Read more 06 June 2016


Just the Job – Kevin Brady on talkRADIO with Paul Ross

Listen to AdView’s very own Kevin Brady on talkRADIO as he tackles questions from Breakfast host Paul Ross on the jobs market.

Read more 30 May 2016